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Jun 24, 2008
:mad: Hi everyone i recently told u all about my craft kit i ordered, but received
two boxes of chocolates i sent them back and was told that they would send me my craft kit i had to wait 21 days.
I've just phone them and guess what SURPRISE SURPRISE they refunded me. .(and have wait 5days for it to go into my account)
I asked why i can't have my order and was told it was out of stock i told her there was plenty of stock when i ordered and that seeing they sent me the wrong item they should still have my order but they haven't .
I'm so MAD this is not the first time this has happened iam not going to order any more from them .
Iam waiting for someone to call me back .
Thanks for listening. :mad::mad:

Pitchie, i'm annoyed for you....take your custom elsewhere ( it's their loss, not yours ! )

Although you would have to find an alternative kaftan source...
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I would have eaten the chocolates and still told them the delivery hadn't arrived!
No wonder you are blazing, you ordered in good faith, yet they made a monumental goof. If and when the item comes back into stock, they ought to send you one free gratis for what happened.
Thxs for your replies
I won't be going there anymore had it with this company
I sent some insulated dishes back about 2 months ago because they leaked like a sieve and just didn't work,waited 6 weeks for a refund and found out postage wasn't refunded,i thought i should have got that back because the items A)didn't do what they said they would in the demo and B)they were faulty,for the first time ever i thought sod it i can't be doing with the hassel and just left it.Poor company piss poor customer service.
Good for you pitchie, they did something similer to me last year sending wrong goods to me,however it took me 3 months of complaining to get the inital p+p refund of about 3.90 back.

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