Smashbox tsv on sunday the 28th of september


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Do we know if there is going to be a halo in it - as per the other thread on this. Love this product.
Smashbox TSV

Sorry if it's already been asked, and I know you told me last week Donna but I've forgotten - what's in the next SB TSV? Any links to pics so I can salivate?:D
Its A85996 on QVC America. 10 piece Past Present Future

Full size Halo
15mls Primer Light
Duo eyeshadow avant garde sage green and cream
kabuki brush
No9 eyeliner brush
Light Cast Highlighter
highlighter brush
Candid lip gloss
Blush in Famous

Its $69.8 something on TSV price and in 3 easy payments.
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It had already been answered, before I even asked, SCW you are a mind reader now as well!!! :D
Halo is great - I wish they would do it in a few more colours though - light is a bit pale for me and medium is a bit dark - I have to mix the two unless I have a tan, which is not possible with this weather.

Used to use Bare Escentuals but it was too messy.

Hope this is the tsv - credit card will get a bit of a bashing.
You need the light, I think we all needed the light. I have the fair and it's way too pale.

Yes, I think it was the light but sure at the next meet you can try mine just to make sure.

Question for the Belfast I need this TSV or is that a silly question???

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