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Jun 26, 2008
I know it is just after Christmas and the returns dept must be extremely busy, but their rate of turn over is beyond belief. stuff I returned BEFORE Christmas is only now showing up as returned, heaven only knows when it will actually reach my bank account.

I returned some Emu boots to Amazon on 19 Dec - received an acknowledgement on 26 December and the money was back in my account on 29th! Brilliant service! why can't QVC do the same?
it's only going to get worse soon - it must be coming up to the annual <STRIKE> we can't send anything out on time or process any refunds </STRIKE> stocktake
I am having problems with 2 items that I returned to QVC with their postage paid sticker labels as both were faulty. They were posted to QVC Returns Dept on 20th of December and when I queried customer services when I might get a refund they said it wasn't showing as being in the warehouse yet and I should allow a total of 21 days before I can claim the items lost, so I am out of pcket to the tune of about £80 and have to sit and stew !!!! Needless to say I'm not a happy bunny.
To be honest, it's perfectly normal to wait that long for a QVC refund - I wouldn't say that Xmas has slowed things down at all.
In the olden days when they were the only TV co I shopped with, I never even questioned the 3-4 week lead time on refunds, it's only experience since then elsewhere that has made me dissatisfied with the timescale.
Different problem but I sent a Murano ring back and asked for a different size but got a refund as it was out of stock. Days later there was a Murano show and the ring was on, it's only about £11 so paying another £3.50 or so for p & p seems really out of proportion for a cheapish item.
I returned something in December and it's still not showing.

They should be geared up for this. Sorry, I think it's a good way for them to hang on to money that they continually on an hour by hour basis tell us we can have back if we are dissatisfied in any way.
I returned a coat on Nov.21st and when it still showed as shipped on my account I was told to allow 21 days(not including weekends) and so to wait until Dec.22nd.I rang again after that to be told it hadn't been received back so had to wait to fill in a non-receipt form.I just received my money back on my account yesterday.
Slow Returns

Their policy is really very silly as in future, if there is an item available on Amazon, Lands End (also brilliant at shippping and returns), I will always buy from them in preference to QVC. Tesco also is brilliant for electrical items and their service is just beyond excellent.
Everything I have returned to them has been shown as returned within a week and I've had my moneys paid back within a few days of this showing.
I returned 3 items in the same SD parcel (all individually wrapped with their own returns label inside the parcel.) 2 (the cheapest 2!) were credited 4 days later,the other has taken 24 days to even show as returned. Also a faulty item returned by QVC courier has only jut shown up as returned 21 days after return.

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