silver celebration TSV Thursday


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anyone has any idea what the silver celebration TSV is going to be?
Think I am too tied to stay up. I have been farting for so long now I am starting to think I deserve a treat!!! :giggle::giggle::giggle::giggle:
The bangle is quite pretty (the monochrome expecially), but to me it looks more suitable for the Summer, not really great as an October TSV IMHO!
Not keen on the TSV but I have seen lots of other things I like and I'm at home all day tomorrow, yikes!!!!!!!! :cash::cash::cash::cash:

They seem to have dropped the Creede Silver Strike connection this year.
No, looks like I will continue to FART!!!
Good night everyone ( stayed up after all, but not voluntarily, my cat is not well and had to clean up after her, and give her a bit of tender loving care! She is now 18!)
It's a bit too much of a statement for me and anyway, I can't afford it!
In the old days, I might have sent for it just to take a look:blush:
just seen the presentation for the first time, not my cup of tea in either of the colours.

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