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Jul 8, 2008
I was taking a passing interest in this Snore Wizard thingy on IW and turned over for it just now. Howard has sat and blathered on about all sort of mindless carp for almost 15 minutes and barely shown us the product and this is with the guest sat next to him too! He's beginning to sound like someone flogging rubbish out of a suitcase down at the market with his "it's not £200, it's not even £100...." If I wanted a sermon I'd go to church. I don't know why IW think that we want to sit and listen to all this. They do it again and again and it's dull, boring and drives me mad!
I will not watch him I always switch over.

I do the same. I remember being cross that they got rid of Carla but kept Howard! I know a lot of people said that they were adopting a "last in, first out" policy, but I really wish they could have made an exception for such a deserving case as Howard!
I shall leap to Howards defence.

I'd rather watch him than Dave or Andy anyday.

I think he's sweet:heart:

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