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Mar 28, 2009
Wirral/Cheshire border
On my travels in Wales I suddenly found myself in Shrewsbury, guess what I found the QVC outlet, honest I wasnt looking for it :dull:....I thought it was better than the Warrington shop seemed cleaner and a better lay out.
Just like Warrington there were lots of Oreck, rails of clothes with 70% off the marked price, shoes were limited to 10 pairs per day :confused2:, lols of crafty bits, seemed like lots of jewellry too, all gardening products were 50% off the marked price.
Oh was a happy chappie he got two sets of the metal spiral "plant hold ups" for under £10, that would be the postage for them off QVC !.
I agree - I have been to Shrewsbury a couple of time cos it's not too far from me and its not bad - you can get some good bargains. But when I happend to be in Warrington a couple of weeks ago for a meeting thought it would be wrong not to pop and have a look - was quite disappointed. Although I did manage to get a NN king size 300 tc fitted sheet and pillow cases set for £9.
Ohh didnt know ther was an outlet in Shrewsbury. Might have to take a look at it sometime as not too far. Does anyone have the address please?

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