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Jun 24, 2008
OK because of the £5 voucher decided to go for something. Won the forward bid but the bleedy shipping is showing as £12.50 to Belfast!!:eek::eek:

We where charged the same as the mainland UK before, has this changed?
If so, they can stuff me ever ordering from them again.

No where does it even say to change the shipping cost.
I'm cross with the new shipping as well

I ordered something last Friday & was told that because of the cost it had to go at the more expensive delivery rate.

I then got the same item at £15 cheaper later in the day, went to change it and found that it had alreay been shipped (about 2 hours after checking out) - so too late to alter my order.

It had gone quickly because of the higher delivery rate I think.

Now it's my tough luck that I couldn't change the items over I suppose - but what made me REALLY mad (apart from the £15 overpayment) was that I emailed them about it and didn't even get a response. I wasn't really expecting them to offer me a refund, but a polite response would have been nice.

Ignoring a customer's emails is just RUDE

(I know it's all gone a bit off topic, but it's the change in the delivery service that brought about my problems too)
:eek: It is absolutely outrageous if it has changed to that amount, Donna.

Have you phoned CS to see if there's been a mistake?
That has to be a mistake surely?? Donna why don't you send a PM to Craig - he's really helpful and I'm sure he'll look into it for you?
Surely that's a mistake Donna, it's ridiculous. Phone CS to check and if it is right at least you have the satisfaction of telling them to stuff it. :1:
The only way I could find the delivery charges was to try and checkout an empty basket, it's odd isn't it that (IMO) N.I. doesn't actually come under any of these options? Or do Gemstv consider N.I. is one of our 'highlands and Islands'? 'cos it's not either is it? :confused::confused::confused:

Standard delivery is the best value delivery we can offer, your parcel will be delivered 3-5 days after you have ordered.
Premium delivery gets the parcel to you a quickly as possible, you can still add to your order for the next 24 hours, but once your order leaves us it will then be delivered to you the next working day.
For your protection and piece of mind we do require all orders over £200 are sent via our premium delivery option

Country Standard Price Premium Price
UK Mainland £5.95 £6.95
Highlands and Islands £12.50 £12.50
Jersey And Guernsey £12.50 £12.50
Shetland and Orkney £12.50 £12.50
Southern Ireland Sorry, we don't deliver to Southern Ireland
Yes we are classed with the Highlands, way back they used to charge far more to send to us and the Highlands. Well I am emptying the basket, sorry Gems but you are really taking the P.
That's crazy donna. Surely it has to be a mistake; I've had jewellery delivered from the States for only a few quid. What were you paying for shipping before the prices were raised?
Hiya Everyone! I haven't posted on here since the change in the forum but when I saw your thread I had to post. I'm really cross about the delivery charge as well Donna! I buy from Gems regularly and it's been £5.95 for delivery for a long time now. With this increase I doubt I will be buying now. I hope they see this thread and have a rethink. Who knows how many people from N.I has stopped buying from them because of this.
Here's an idea Gems TV.......

Obviously your new courier company, while saving you squillions is charging more to deliver to N.I. so why don't you send all items there via RM Special Delivery for under a fiver!!!!!

You are already treating them as an exception to the regular price for the rest of the UK anyway, so it won't be any more difficult to single them out and send this way.

No need to thank me for this brilliant idea, always happy to help. :rolleyes:

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