Shavata tweezers


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Jun 25, 2008
Washington UK
Has anyone tried the pointed ones?
I need some new ones - use tweezerman now - have been quite tempted with these before
I have them but im not a massive fan. They really are precision instruments andi have to focus really hard to catch a hair. They dont seem to be springy enough (if you know what i mean?) but are great for the odd hair rather than a full pluck for me.
Got the ones in the heart shaped box and they are brilliant, esp for small hairs :clapping:

I'm glad you said that, I thought they looked pretty, now I know they actually work I might treat myself for Christmas.

Linda :hi:
Pointed ones are fab - I've had mine for several years - best tweezers I've ever used. I wouldn't use any others to be honest.
I had some and they were the best tweezers ever till I left them in my handbag on a trip to Cuba and they confiscated them - I was gutted!!!
I love the pointed tweezers - I usually get my brows threaded and because this is so accurate a way of grooming and neatening them I really need to keep on top of the odd misplaced stubbly hair that pokes through and these tweezers are fantastic! I would say, however, that they are incredibly sharp and I wouldn't recommend them to someone who doesn't have a reasonably steady hand - you really could take an eye out with them! But dangers aside - they do the job better than anything else I have ever used.
The pointed ones are a nightmare to begin with...but once you get the way to hold them down they are good. The only thing is...Shavata says they get the tiny dots (when brow first coming through) well they do but you get left with horrible red marks for days.

Personally I would stick with slanted tweezers...definately much better.
Still unsure think I might try them as I've always wanted to try them. Found them with free p&p at feel unique, so least bit cheaper.
I have Shavata tweezers but they are the slanted ones and they are the best I've ever had. I got them when Shavata first came to QVC which seems a long time ago....
Well haven't tried these and prefer slanted tweezers. Have a pair of tweezerman but abandoned them in favour of the tweezers that came in the little mirrored compact from QVC. Best ever had and they pick up the shortest of hairs which coincidentally you can see in the magnified, lit mirror!
I can't get on with pointed tweezers, any make

My best pair (slanted) ever are a freebie from Ariane Poole - they're just chucked in my drawer, the pink paint is wearing off, but they still work brilliantly even though I really don't look after them at all.
I have both the pointy ones and the heart-shaped ones and must say that I prefer the heart-shaped ones.

The pointy ones are lethal for me as I do shake sometimes and I am scared I'll poke my eye out! They are good for ingrowing hairs on your legs though!

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