Share price+bad products+incompetence= ??????


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Dec 13, 2008
Dear Shopping Telly Forum Reader!

The problems at this once mighty beacon of television seems to me that it all has to do with the transition from the original founders of company's leadership to the disaster of the last. Leading to the new era in the channel that has started with the new CEO. To be honest we could all help out this channel, by purchasing all the OLD OLD OLD stock that they have dug out of the dungeons of their warehouse. Leaving room for the new management to get a competent team, working on giving the kiss of life to this channel.

We could also help out the new team (without the use of radical action), by bring their attention that we are viewers as well as consumers. When a company treats us like numbers we tend to turn off! The old ideal world was Family, Friendship, and Fun! The recently exited team was Like for Like, gimmick of the week, trick the dumb people to buy our bad products.

We can get back to the old days! The customer is always right! Listen to us and we will buy. So they don't have to reduce 15 percent of their work force and add to this bad economy. Maybe they could ask the PM for a bail out!

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