Sewing Quarter Closing Down


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I have tried to get clarification, I asked on their facebook page, my post has now been removed and have been blocked from posting.
Visitor posts have now been turned off on their Facebook page and not long after the announcement was made, they started to moderate any new posts in their Facebook Fan Group.

It's all incredibly dishonest to thousands of loyal viewers and customers who are all wondering why there are now no guests and no demonstrations. In reality, we are now in the midst of a closing down sale being disguised as a Black Tag event.
It was quite sad watching them today - I would not be surprised if it lasts as far as December.
The censorship and deceit continues on their Facebook...

Screenshot 2019-11-25 at 12.07.43.jpg
Complaints on their Facebook fan group of orders not being received 2+ weeks after ordering.

Posts being deleted on the matter when others speculate that the channel is closing down.

Hopefully no one will be left out of pocket, I'd be giving them a wide berth whilst they remain silent.
At last a public comment but sadly the dishonesty continues:

Neil Garratt said:
Hi All
Following the speculation on social media I can confirm that Immediate Media have announced it is moving from the TV shopping market and that it is selling our sister brand Jewellery Maker to Gemporia.
Discussions on the future and potential sale of Sewing Quarter are on-going and in the meantime Sewing Quarter will remain on-air and all orders will be fulfilled.
We will update you with more details once they have been finalised.

How can you describe all staff being informed of closure as 'speculation' :headbang:

Clearly they don't want viewers being put off spending their money but the amount of people complaining about not receiving goods from 2 weeks ago is increasing daily on their Facebook Fan Group.
I am sure last night at about 11:45 John Scott was announcing what he wou!x be doing next. I just saw him say he would be saying what he would be doing next if you watched at 11:45. He was reading lots of emails wishing everyone well, and saying they would be missed... Looks like last night's show is being repeated right now!

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