Set of 2 Glowing Hand Blown Glass Watering Mushroom Stakes WHILE STOCKS LAST


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what you do is fill up the coloured part with water

turn the black spikes that are in the pic so the spike goes into the ground

and then you just put it in the ground and the plant will take the drink when needed from the black spike that is in the ground

hope this helps
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Keep your plants watered with these stylish mushroom watering stakes. You get two in the set and they're crafted from hand-blown glass. The mushrooms feature a colourful design set with glow in the dark crystals, so they give off a gentle glow at night. They're easy to use, simply fill them up with water and insert the stem into the dirt. They will provide your plants with a continuous supply of water.
I've gone for them, they are currently showing with £0 p&p so I thought I would try them out as I like glowing things in the garden:D

I would have liked to know how big they were but hey ho.
After seeing them on here, saw them on TV and thought good idea for a present so ordered them, first set arrived chipped, rang QVC who sent postage label, replacement received and also chipped and no it wasnt the first set. Now we know why thay are at whiles stocks last price! :33:
I ordered them and my sister has them and said they are nice. However I read the reviews on them and they were virtually all bad. I didn't pay any P&P on my order so I didn't ask her to retun them but I will tell her to keep them for herself.

Mind you from the tales of woe I have had on the phone this summer I don't think the plants are short of water.
just read the reviews for these on QVC and they are pretty poor so i think i will pass...shame cos they look great in the pic.
I bought them as a present for someone in warmer climate, so would have been useful to them
That is why I wanted them but i am not sure they are worth the postage or suitcase room now. Give me ham and chocolate instead LOL.
Just seen your location and strange that is where they were to go to!,

This set I would avoid, earlier in the year they did a set of 4 under item number 558 332, and these were great, work well, look good and are now in Turkey doing their job

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