Seriously worried about ideal world


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Gem Genie

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Jul 30, 2008
North East Wales
Have tried in vain to log into Ideal World website over the last few days.

Last night even the LOGIN link wouldn't work.

Tonight the LINK worked but it would not accept my ID and has blocked me.

As you know there is no point in trying to contact Customer Services at all.

I am trying to track some automated telephone orders I made from my daughter's house phone last Friday. They were not appearing on my account and I am worried that they have not gone through properly.

Also, they took my mobile number in order to contact me if an item came back into stock but the item is listed as in stock now but I have not been contacted.

Is anyone else experiencing problems?
I can log in too. I changed my details when the new system came in to some I can actually remember, but I will never be daft enough to order from them again until there are some radical improvements!
i can log on to their page but when i try to order i get a page saying that there is a problem with their security certificate it is recommended you do not proceed i duly did'nt proceed

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