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black diamond witch
Jun 24, 2008
As I posted in another thread, I've been searching eBay recently for Gems items.

On the whole I preferred the earlier, quirkier Gems designs, and they are now filtering through on to the second hand market.

This beauty arrived today woo

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="small emerald ring"></a><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="emerald ring"></a>

I'm a rubbish photographer but you can see the size and colour of the stone - it's yummy. It's also clearer than I was expecting for the cost, which was about a third of the original Gems selling price.

It's really worth checking eBay for Gems items. The sellers don't always declare (or know) that the jewellery is from Gems, but it's quite easy to pick out because the detailed descriptions including stone weight and gems weight are a giveaway. You can also find the rings by doing a search for 'size n'
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OMG totally shocked!!! :eek::eek::eek:

I was just looking up the ring on the Gems website and tried out of sheer nosiness to see if it was possible to add it to my basket.....

well try it and see what price you get:eek:
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Ouch! £1,140

I guess it was considerably cheaper than that on Ebay then!
It starts off at £0, but when you put it in your basket the price shoots up to £1,140 SCW.

I was excited when I saw £0 ...
I'm wondering if it's just a quirk of the website - surely it's not still available, and if it is, that CAN'T be the current selling price? can it?

Well anyway I'm going to tell Mr Jantac that I got a £1140 emerald ring for £84 - that should soften the blow when he sees the bank statementclapping
Oh yes, it could be, couldn't it? It just didn't seem like a high enough price (under the old system where the starting prices were so stupidly high)

Or it could be the current 'shop price' - they seem very high
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I wasn't confident enough to go to the next stage ... but I reckon that's what your card would be charged!


Protect this item What is protection?
1 £1140.21
Enter your money-off voucher or Gift Certificate code here: Sub Total £1,140.21
Delivery What are my options?
Premium £6.95

Total amount £1147.16


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:wow: That's fantastic Jantac, what a steal, it's a real beauty:thumbup:
wear your new bling in good health Jantac. looks like you got a bargain there.

as you say, ex-GTV items are generally easy to spot and indeed some sellers even specialise in them - AudandDoug to name but one if they are still on there.
Thats a beautiful ring, i know what you mean about ebay, i bought a gems 9k white gold 50 point ceylon sapphire and diamond pendant for 15 including delivery, on gems it was up for over 100, BARGAIN :D

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