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Jul 16, 2008
South Wales
HI all,

Well after all the cuffufle yesterday about the delivery, my items finally arrived. There are 12 items so please bear with me.

Firstly, the competition prize, Fuchsia Topaz ring:

Gold weight feels a bit light and I am not keen on yellow gold, but as it was free, its a keeper lol. Oh and some of you were mentioning about the size of the rings. Well my little finger is a size N, and I couldn't get this ring on, so obviously smaller

Next is a Russet Pearl ring:

I only put a small bid on this, not expecting to win. Glad I did now, its lovely. Also a definite size N.

White Topaz Pendant:

I am a little undecided about this one, its nice don't get me wrong, but do I love it?? I think I would prefer it if the 3 stones would move, if you know what I mean, but its rigid. Bargin price too.

Garnet Ring (Scribbling):

Now I love garnet, the stone is a bit dark, with not many read flashes, if at all. Its also very point, and quite sharp at the end. Another bargin price so I will probably keep. Just about a size N

White Topaz Ring

1 pound more expensive than the garnet ring, still sharp on the end, but it sparkles so much. Love it, deff keeper. Just about a size N

White and Blue Baroque Pearl Necklace:

Now, I would like your advice about this one. I love the setting and I was really looking forard to this. Now I know the word Barogue means mis-shapped or similar, but all these pearls have marks all ove rthem, some of them not natural at all!! I know some of you have bought this one, so I'd like to know what yours were like?? please

Pearl Silver Ring (Russet):

Wasn't sure about this one when I bought it, but it is lovely and a real bargin at 6 quid. Very unusual.

White Topaz Ring (Scribbling):

Another very sparkly ring, it is high off the finger, and sharp, so would have to be careful with it. Size N again.

Green Amethyst earrings:

Sorry they are still in the bag. I like them, but I haven't got any other green amethyst so I am not sure what its supposed to be like??? Looks quite this right?

White topaz Ring (more scribbling):

Need to think about this one. Smaller than an N as I can't get it on. Its a really big look, but I am just not sure yet.

Mocha Pearl Silver Ring:

Again, I love these pearls mmmmmmmm a deff keeper, just about a size N.

Last, but by no means least!!! Peacock purple pearl necklace:

My absolute favourite of the buch an absolute stunner, I love it so much and I can't believe it only went for £11!!!!!!!!!! No way is this one ever going back!!!

Well thats all, I would love to know your opinions on the pieces, especially the ones I am not sure on, especially the baroque pearls. Let me know

Thanks for listening!!!
oh my, what a feast for the eyes! Great photography

Interesting to hear that you're having the same problem with size that I did.

I like all of your goodies:) I haven't got that pearl necklace but I have seen pearls with those markings before, they're quite common.

I think the pick of the bunch is the fuchsia topaz, what a win - well done.
Lots of lovely pearly bits there VG. Green amethyst is very subtle, allmost hints of green than "full on" green. Liking your scribblers and the last necklace. Enjoy wearing them:)
:) hi and well done you a lovely selection , i have a scribbler in SQ love it, the peacock pearls are my fave i have them but now i wanr earrings to match also i have the baroque necklace its pretty but mine doesn't have those markings on so knowing that some do and dont might be worth you asking for a replacement to see.
What a fab delivery! Free ring is stunning (they usually are when they're free... lol), and so are all your pearl ones (I have the "circles" one and love it).
My pearl lariat is the green version, I think you have the purple - was tempted to get it too, but I really don't think I need both.
I find I'm unsure about the scribbling ring designs, and so far haven't tried one - they seem to be nicest in white topaz though.
By the way I love green amethyst, and it is definitely meant to be a subtle green rather than "in yer face" bold.
I like your blue pearls, but you should definitely return them if you're not happy with the imperfections, you will just regret keeping them in the long run.
Enjoy the ones you decide to keep.
well done valleygirl - some lovely pieces and perfect photos too (I'm hopeless at taking photos of jewellery) :D

love, love, love your pink topaz :jump:

I can understand where you're coming from with the sizes - my ring finger is K/L and middle finger L/M and most of the rings I have bought will only need slight re-sizing or non at all :)
love all the pearly pieces - classy and will never go out of style.

if your ring finger really is a size N (hope you won't think me rude but have you measured it lately?) then their rings are coming out frequently way smaller than an N - surely an issue to be noted and dealt with by Steve/Tony.

as for your undecideds - the rule generally is "if in doubt, leave it out" - so stick with your gut feeling and keep only those items you love and are sure suit you to a tee.

PS: and what a smashing prize. I've seen Pepsi's and would have mugged her for it!
What a fantastic haul VG, I have the first mocha pearl ring, and I LOVE it, bought it from the website tho' and paid a lot more!!!
Lovely pieces VG. Loving the collection of scribbling rings. I have the pearl necklace and love it. Enjoy wearing them.

sorry forgot to add the free ring is gorgeous.
if your ring finger really is a size N (hope you won't think me rude but have you measured it lately?) then their rings are coming out frequently way smaller than an N - surely an issue to be noted and dealt with by Steve/Tony.


Well, as I waer N's on my little finger all the time, I'd say its an N lol
Thanks all, have decided to keep all rings lol..........

Emailed Katherine about the baroque....she said I could get a replacement, so its going back.

Looking at the earrings again, and more closely, they look like different shades of green. One is darker than the other, will look again later and see....tut

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