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Jun 24, 2008
I just got in the house after doing my "daughterly duties", got a nice cup of tea and sat down in front of the telly. First stop Channel 650 TJC - the lovely Derek (Marks) was on with his calm, relaxing voice and endearing manner. Next stop Channel 652 Gems TV where it was the laid back, polite, easy going Matt. Finally, and don't ask me why, I flicked on to Channel 642 Rocks & Co. OMG what a noise! Jerrilee screaming like a banshee pretending to be shocked that a price had gone down to where "we shouldn't be that low"!!!
It was like stepping out of Harrods into a street market!! Needless to say Channel 642 was on for less than 20 seconds!
Don't keep torturing yourself Klos, put the sound on mute until you see who's on :4:
Good advice Mad4Gems. In fact I think I'll look into getting Channel 642 blocked on my TV and that way I can't see it when I'm channel hopping! I'd miss John though.
Just had this channel on to see if any bargains,omg,I had thought our Jerri had been calming down but worse than ever,this is 8am. Screaming on about last night's X Factor,which is a never,never watch in my household. Please will somebody tell her.

Im new to buying gems on tv - always like to see something and try it on before I buy but was flicking through the channels one day (as you do!) and found myself at the jewellery channels. Since then I have bought a piece from gems tv (awful, cheap looking - sent it back). I have also bought a ring from Rocks and co which I have to say was way more beautiful when it arrived than it looked on the screen. I was really pleased with it.

I will agree some of the presenters drive you mad though! Jerilee does get rather overexcited. Stacey talks at warp speed and carolines overacting makes me howl. I do like John Scott though. Can't comment on the presenters on the other channels as Ive not seen much of them although there is one on gems tv who has bright red hair and always looks as though she's been dragged through a hedge backwards - somebody send the poor woman a brush!
:Hiya: EliseT and welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to say that I get quite irate about the presenters on Rocks & Co if you haven't already noticed! So much so that I only watch when John's on. I liked Lee when he was on TJC but have no doubts the powers that be at Rocks will try to change his style and make him into one of the face pulling, screaming, rabbling robots just like all the rest (except John of course)! Thankfully John's too talented and professional for them to change!

Look forward to reading your future posts.

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