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Oct 14, 2009
Hi Everyone

My first time on the forum, although I have been reading the posts for a while with great amusement and appreciation of the jewellery knowledge that is shared.

I was wondering if I could ask for some advice. I’ve just received an absolutely gorgeous Iliana tanzanite ring (code 622795 £799) from TJC. 2.5 carats of dark blue, eye clean marquise cut tanzanite and 0.50 carats of diamonds (can’t see any inclusions to my untrained eye at x20) but there is a very fine small shallow scratch across the surface of the tanzanite (hardly noticeable to the naked eye). There are no more rings in stock so this is lightly to be a keeper but does anyone know if the scratch can be buffed/polished out? Will it affect the value too much?
Welcome Zevagold. What a beautiful ring and what a dilemma. I would contact tjc to see if they can sort out the scratch for you. If not, I'm afraid I'd send it back. Hopefully our resident expert Meeshoo will be along to give you advice on this topic, because I'm afraid I don't even know if a scratch can be polished out. Good luck!
Beautiful ring Zevagold, hope you can get the scratch sorted out :) Welcome to the forum by the way.
Hi Zevagold, welcome to the forum.

Meeshoo I am sure will be able to help!

All I can suggest that you speak to CS at the Jewellery Channel and return you ring to be repaired by TJC. Tell them that you don't want a refund, you want it back!

If not, a good jeweller will sort out the scratch.
I found the link below with someone who has a similar problem to you

This I thought was very good advice!

"Tanzanite Gemstones can be repolished. Thing is is to find and take it to a reputable jeweler WHO is familiar with Exotic and Colored Gemstones.
As mentioned, Tanzanites are a bit more unique to work with. They are temperature sensitive and do not take well to extreme changes in temp. It can cause them to crack.

Also, note, that it is not really the jeweler who polishes a gemstone, but the stone cutter or lapidary that may work for them. So inquire, do they have someone who polishes gemstones vs. just a jeweler"

Good luck!

I guess the most important question is: If you can only see it with a loupe, do you want to (a) go to the expense of having it polished out and (b) want to risk the integrity of the stone by doing so and (c) having the hassle of finding somebody to do it.

Tanzanite is incredibly difficult to cut/re-cut/mount/de-mount. So you need to weigh this up. The other thing to be aware of is that you won't be covered by their insurance when doing the work so if the stone cracks etc., it's game over.

In all honesty, if the marquise is a great cut (and finding a well cut Tanzanite marquise is no mean feat) with wonderful saturation - and the size is great - I would be seriously tempted to leave well alone, keep the ring, enjoy wearing it and don't keep looking at it with a loupe!!!

However, some people can't do that and the scratch will annoy them. If that's the case then you need to think about the above or return it to TJC.

One last thing - are you sure it's a surface scratch? Could it be a surface reaching inclusion? I doubt it BUT I would get it checked out. A good local jeweller will be able to tell you.

Do you have any photos?
Thank you - pics

Hi. Thank you for your welcomes to the forum. Thank you Sapphireblue for your advice and the link you posted. The comment about tanzanite being very soft and lightly to scratch further is very true. Thank you Meesho, following your words of caution I think it is probably not worth the risk of having any work done on the stone. I don’t think it is a surface inclusion as the stone is so clear. I’ve posted some pictures but they will probably be blurred – only mobile pics. I think the little Iliana is going to be redundant! Does the marquise stone look ok for size, cut, saturation, price?


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Hi Zevagold and welcome to the forum.

Your ring is beautiful I hope you have lots of pleasure wearing it.
Hi Zevagold

Your marquise ring is beautiful and the colours of Tanszanite is stunning
I love marquise cut stones and hope you enjoy wearing your ring!

Kind regards
Hi to Zevagold

Hi Zevagold and a warm welcome from me to the forum.

Many thanks for sharing your latest purchase with us, it is a beautifully shaped ring and very flattering to the finger. A nice depth of blue and all those lovely large can't go wrong and it isn't too often we see a good sized marquise cut Tanzy. Well done!
Absolutely stunning - don't you dare mess with it!!!!!!!!!!

It's incredibly difficult to find a marquise cut Tanzy in that colour without a bowtie or window. It's very very very good indeed. Worth every £ you've paid.

Many congratulations.
Thanks for posting up the pics Zevagold, your ring is stunning! If it was in my mitts it wouldn't be going anywhere! Enjoy wearing it :)

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