Scott has just said hello to us all....


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Aug 20, 2008
:) ""Good old Scotty""!!!......

He has just said hello to us all on St.Com forum
it's been a long time since anyone at Gems said hello to us!!!

"So thanks for taking the time to do that Scott"!!!!!! :D
I knew he was going to as he rang me in his break to let me know he was gonna show Lilly's picture, We had a nice chat about a few things. He's a lovely guy and i hope he is around on my next visit to gems. So thanks Scott on behalf of Lilly and me and the gang here.
Hello Scott - yes we are still here :) (but not really enjoying the timed games :().

I missed the picture :(
So glad he said Hello MB, I must say Scott is my fav. male presenter on Gems now (mainly cos I don't watch in the evening when Matt is on:D), I love his sense of humour and the fact that he's not afraid to poke fun at himself.
Well what a coincidence when the Steve Ashton thread was posted today and contains so many neg comments about Gems............:WHISTLE: Call me a cynical old bag. ;) :pPC:
hello scott!!! i hope ur doing well.

i adore scott, he has a lot of time for the punters and has some great shows (not that i have watched in ages lol) that are full of information and (most importantly over the last year) laughter.
I have not met scott but i do live next door to his brother Ian and if they are alike then he will be great fun :)
I like Scott and it's nice he takes time out to speak or exchange emails with customers. He has certainly done so with me in the past. No airs and graces, does what he says on the tin lol.

Thanks for saying hello Scott.

\o/ \o/ back at ya!

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