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Jun 24, 2008
SBC 8 Piece All Seasons Gel Collection
Item Number: 228293
QVC Price £32.75
One Time Only Price £27.27
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UK P&P £4.95

Introduce a friend to the wonders of SBC with this complete collection. The set contains Aloe Vera Gel (125ml) to ease stings and skin irritations; Vitamin E Gel (125ml) ideal for damaged skin; a cooling Cucumber Gel (125ml); Leg Soothing Gel (125ml) for aching and tired feet and legs, and Body Firming Gel (125ml) to help tone the skin. You'll also receive Collagen Face & Body Moisturiser (125ml), a gentle, hydrating moisturiser; Arnica Face & Body Moisturiser (125ml) boasting soothing qualities and a 3 -in-1 Facial Cleansing & Toning Gel (125ml).

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