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Aug 13, 2008
Hi all, I'm looking for a Sat Nav - never had one before - and noticed that QVC sell TomTom, Garmin and Navman models. Does anyone have these and do you have any recommendations on brands? :33:
Many thanks!
Hi Concordia,
We have the Tom Tom which we purchased from QVC and find it easy to use. It is absolutely brilliant, we would recommend it to anyone needing a sat nav. The Tom Toms are in our opinion way in front of the Navman on ease of usability. We have not used the Garmin so cannot comment on that particular sat nav.
We have two TomToms and they're great - would highly recommend them. I don't know anything about the others, sorry.
I bought the recent TSV which was a Tomtom one XL. It is excellent - accurate, easy to use and lots of extra features as standard. Would highly recommend it.

I have a Gamin one bought for £114 from Comet a few months ago, so easy l did not even have to read the instructions first.

We have the Tom Tom one and its fantastic. You can choose which type of voice you want which is good. We have the irish guy and have called him Gerrald! it is really easy to use. Even my other half can programme it and he can't even work our DVD player!!
I bought the Garmin 660 from QVC - I think it was just after last Xmas - fantastic bit of kit - the sat nav is great - it has traffic updates and then re-routes you if there are long delays - great for me as I do a lot of motorway travelling - it also has bluetooth and links beautifully to my mobile - even reads out incoming text mesages. Love it!
The 660 is no longer though but am sure there are similar ones on Garmin website!
My OH has a Tom TOm one which is good but if we go away its the Garmin that we always take :)
I'd go with the Tom Tom, clear audio instructions, clear wide screen with good graphics and visual prompts, good instructions, easy to programme.

On the down side it probably takes slightly longer to install than some others.
Well, I know this is a bit sad, but I have an old Navman, (my first SatNav) a TomTom on my PDA and a new Garmin (the most recent TSV).

The Navman was wonderful when I first had it, but is now past it (they age very quickly!)

I couldn't get on with the TomTom at all.

The Garmin is WONDERFUL. I would heartily recommend it.

I have recently bought the Tom Tom V3 for the UK only and its fab, i cant live without it now! It's so clever at re-routing your journey if you miss a turning or there is traffic etc. It can be updated to get the latest maps which i find very handy!
Sorry to keep on and thanks for all the help! Do you feel widescreen is better than standard? How important is announcing street names vs. just turn in 200yds? Are some easier to update than others? Do some work better in diff. parts of the country? (I live in NE and travel to Scotland lots) Many thanks, sorry for being a pest! :54:
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Well my Tom Tom is a standard screen which is fine for me. I can clearly see all the street names coming up, as you can zoom in on the map so you can see as much or as little of the map as you want. I have set mine up so the map is very zoomed in so i can clearly see all the road names which im about the drive past and which are coming up.

It announces by saying "turn right in 200yards" and doesnt say the street names but that doesnt bother me. It has always got me to my destination bang on.

I live in hertfordshire and have all bars of signal all the time, well apart from taking the kids to the forest!:1:

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