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Jun 24, 2008
Sat Nav £19.99 Cheats... the advert in all the main Sunday newspapers shows a Sat Nav for £19.99 at 4pm Sunday. But in the teeny tiny print it excludes employees of Price Drip. Yet when 20 of the same device flashes up on the screen at 4pm, one has already sold which prompts the presenter to say "Its an exclusive phone has already did that happen?".

Well no need for Miss Marple dear - just bar the 1st person who bought the 1st one cos it was probably one of your own team. And if that's how your staff treat a major advertising promotion for the company, just what does that say about how they treat normal customers eh?
I've wondered how stuff which the presenter is struggling to sell suddenly sells very quickly.:33:
Just a thought, but perhaps they used one of their usual different phone numbers and someone just tried the numbers to see if they could hit the right one. If the sat nav was a huge bargain it might have been worth spending a few pounds trying the different numbers.


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