Sarah Bennett Jewellery - The Truth?


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Bling Hunter

Registered Shopper
Oct 3, 2008
Did we ever find out the truth behind the Sarah Bennett Jewellery?

Did we discover if she did actually do the designs or if they were just bulk purchased?

I don't think I would want to buy anything unless I saw her drawring.
Hi Bling,

Hope you are well.

It's always good to know what people are thinking.

Yes, I have designed the vast majority of the Sarah Bennett collection. Probably around 80%.

I have just returned from India ( unfortuately with a bad stomach!!) after spending a week out there working on the new collection, which is bigger and better than even before.

As always we are very transparent, and whilst I design the vast majority, with such a large variety of jewellery it is almost impossible to do it all, which is why we also work closely with our manufacturing partners and their design teams to assist with this process.

You are more than welcome to come to the offices at any time to see what we do.

Kind Regards


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