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Aug 13, 2008
Today's TSV is the Sanyo Exacti CG10. I remember they did the CG9 a while ago and it got good reviews. Looking at reviews of this one, the overall impression is good. Comments that the image quality of stills isn't that great, but most folks seem happy with it. Of course, lots cheaper in the :42: ($150) but from sites in this country QVC seem to have a good price. I think I heard AK say that others don't get the extras like battery charger, USB etc., they do. So, if you're looking for a new gadget, this one doesn't seem a bad deal. :53:
Looks like a pretty good deal

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Cheaper cameras out there that record in HD, Panasonic, Samsung & Casios which i presume would be better than Sanyo
This is a great buy;)

I bought this in the gorgeous metalic Pink colour and it came today and Im thrilled with it. It is so easy to use, It is very lightweight and easy to set up and use, idiot proof really:)
The picture quality was truly stunning and the stills are great quality but the fact you can take both at the same time is a real bonus. The quality of the video is superb when played back on my 42in HD Lcd Telly. If you want a point and click camera/camcorder with a few nifty features like "face chaser" and different filters like sepia and stuff you get all this but for the moment it is on AUTO and works perfectly.

You could carry it around in your bag easily but would recommend buying a little case for it as the only thing that let it down was the lens cap and strap. Lens cap was very flimsy plastic and felt and looked cheap the strap was like a bit of thread, very thin cord so you would need to buy a better strap. I wish I could buy a car in the metalic pink colour and finish, it is divine:) Battery took 2 hours to fully charge which is really quite good too.

For a really smart little gadget like this it was a super price at £181.00 on the TSV but it is back up to £220 but I would buy it at this price and still feel it was worth every penny and a real good buy.

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