samsung tsv.... i'm off to buy a dell


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Jul 9, 2008
samsung tsv price seems a bit steep when you take into account the £35 p&p. i suppose the 4 easypays help but...
You can definately buy similar on the highstreet without the £35 P+P. I personally own an Acer version that i bought approx 2 months ago for £200, very handy bit of kit but QVC's P+P is a definate put off!!...oh and its 10-14 working days too, be lucky if it arrives for xmas.
hi tabs...if you don't mind me asking where did you buy your acer at...DD wants to buy a laptop an i was wondering if a netbook would do the yes currys have the samsung for £327.....tia
Hiya, We got ours from Currys. The netbooks are basically a mini laptop, and if she gets a version with windows software i can't see there being a big problem, however its all down to personal taste.Also it depends what DD will want to use it for, my son takes ours to clollege when he has lots of notes to do. I'm not sure if you know but there are laptops around for about the £299 mark in Comet's, Currys, PC World etc. HTH
£35 p+p is an absolute rip off, it should be £8 maximum , i can send a 30kg parcel with DHL for just under £8

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