Samsung TSV 12/07/24


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You're all wrong. If they say it's HUGE, it's going to be HUGE. GINORMOUS. I believe every word. The rest of you - keep the faith.

I predict free smartphones and computers for all of their customers, it's THAT BIG. With free p&p. Anything else and I will be bitterly disappointed.
I also saw Debbie’s blog about the TSV being a television. If she’s mistaken then it will be interesting to see if she posts an apology incase anyone really wanted one instead of a smart watch, a phone and awful earbuds.
lee has given more hints

so i think its a galaxy smart watch with a galaxy flip phone & the bud earphones
Now that I might be interested in. I keep looking at a new smartwatch and talking myself out of it. I had a fitbit which I loved but eventually I couldn't get it to charge properly so I bought a cheaper one - not even sure what it is, but it runs on Gloryfit - but I miss some of the things my old one did. The galaxy ones all seem to get good reviews so I shall have to look at this.
Well that’s me out then. I had a Fitbit but the silicon strap gave me blisters and the watch burnt my wrist. Went in the bin. That was 2 years ago and I still can’t wear a watch


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Disappointed - i thought it may have been the new Galaxy Ring - oddly v1 of the Ring doesnt have a GPS - they missed a market opportunity (next version they will also probably add a sensor that alerts your other half if you take it off!
Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 BT & Additional Black Sports Band
Item Number: 740844
P&P £5.95

40mm QVC Price £335.00 Todays Special Value Price £289.00
44mm QVC Price £365.00 Todays Special Value Price £319.00

Health is wealth - the Samsung Galaxy Watch7 offers a new way to manage your health, acting as the perfect workout partner, mindfulness guide and daily cheerleader. The new Exynos processor enables Galaxy AI to work for you and your wellness goals, offering tailored suggestions in the form of Wellness Tips, plus ways to work on your outdoor running and cycling times with the Race feature. This smartwatch also boasts an Energy Score, designed to compile your key health data into one, easy-to-understand number.
Great performance - have a better understanding of how your body responds to exercise, rest and sleep with this innovative smartwatch, which utilises the next-gen BioActiveSensor to help detect subtle changes in your heart rate to ensure every activity and sleep cycle is logged accurately.
Stylish design - this smartwatch features a one-click rubber strap with accented flashes of colours on each side. Plus, the Sapphire Crystal Glass display is built to withstand any bumps and scrapes. It also features a new and improved Dual GPS system for accurate location tracking, even in dense environments like woodlands or city centres.
Stay connected - sync the Galaxy Watch7 to your Galaxy smartphone to get a comprehensive overview of everything from your fitness level to your daily goals. It pairs effortlessly with the Samsung ecosystem, so you can easily access your messages, calls and notifications. You can also use your watch to skip songs, make contactless payments and track other devices.
Take your pick - this smartwatch is available in two different face sizes, 40mm or 44mm. The 40mm option comes in your choice of Green or Cream, while the 44mm option is available in either Green or Silver.
Face size and colour options:
  • 40mm, Green
  • 40mm, Cream
  • 44mm, Green
  • 44mm, Silver

Health and AI feature disclaimers:
  • Intended for general wellness and fitness purposes only
  • Requires smartphone operating on Android 11 or above with Google Mobile Services and the latest version of the Samsung Health app Samsung account login and Galaxy smartphone is required for certain AI features
  • Race is available for outdoor running and outdoor cycling only. For comparative measurements, it is required to run on the same path as the pre-generated path
  • Do not measure your body composition if you are pregnant, have an implanted pacemaker or other implanted medical devices
  • ECG and BP feature only to be used by 22 years+. For accurate BP readings, monthly calibration required by GP or BP monitor & arm cuff. This requires a Galaxy smartphone running Android 11 or above
  • Not intended for contraception. Intended for users 18 years+. This device is not intended for medical use. Never diagnose or treat yourself based on your readings. Always consult with your doctor
Connectivity disclaimers:
  • Independent LTE connectivity available on LTE model only
  • Samsung Wallet available with participating networks, banks and merchants on selected devices, on NFC terminals
  • Galaxy smartphone required for Samsung Find

What's in the box?
  • 1 x Samsung Galaxy Watch7 Bluetooth
  • 1 x additional black sports band


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