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Sorry don't know anything about the QVC number or price but I saw a trailer and it looks like it will be the newly released Samsung NC10 Netbook.

It comes in 3 colours : black, white and metallic blue.

Here are some details :

"The stylish new Samsung NC10 Netbook is an ideal solution for portable computing.

Boasting an energy efficient Intel Atom N270Processor along with Windows(R) XP Home operating system, the Samsung NC10 offers a sizeable 1GB Memory along with a massive 160GB hard drive.

Sporting a 10.2” screen and weighing just over a kg, the white Samsung NC10 is small and portable but is packed full of features. These include a 1.3 Megapixel web cam, built in speakers, 3 USB ports and Bluetooth connectivity.

With a battery life of 7.5 hours, the wireless enabled Samsung NC10 Netbook offers you performance computing regardless of where you are!

Intel Atom N270Processor - Energy efficient Operating System - Windows(R) XP Home Memory & storage - 1GB Memory & 160GB HDD Portable - 10.2" Widescreen Display & 1.3KG Extras - 7.5hrs battery life & Bluetooth Stylish white Design 1.3MP web cam Built in speakers 3 USB ports (1.6GHz, 533MHz FSB, 512MB cache) "

Until a week ago it was being marketed at £299.99. I've just checked a couple of retail outlets today and the price seems to vary : £318.01 (Dixons), £322.96 (Currys), £329.99 (, £399.95 (Amazon).

If I were to guess, I'd say QVC will try to bring it in under £300 if they can and will have easy payment options.
its great

I bought one for my daughters Christmas present, I got it off Amazon for £299, they only had a few and are now out of stock in all colours, it is fantastic, had a play in town on a demo, beats the acers etc. I bet they have nicked all the stock and will add an extra charger to call it exclusive!!
So it should be under £300 for bargain priced QVC, mind you they will probably spoil it with silly postage, I think the last laptop had postage of £25!!! cheek of it , amazon was free and its not a big box.
I pre-ordered one from Dixons when they were £295.04 and had a £10 discount code making it £285.04. Postage was only £4.95 - it isn't a very big box after all!

I'm really pleased with's an early birthday present for myself. I got the blue one and think it's a really nice looking piece of kit. I was going to get the Advent 4212 or 4213 netbook but when I saw this one I just had to have it....:54:
Oooh, had a look at one of these types of netbooks the other week (carting around a 17" laptop is a little awkward) and the NC10 was definitely the pick of the bunch in feel and use. Can't quite justify buying it, but easy pay, hmm, might swing it if it comes with a half decent package.

Specs: click here
Review: click here and here
Oh I so want this!!! Don't need it but it looks so neat and cute, especially comapred to my brick of a laptop!
is samsung a good brand as good as say dellis for laptops.i have never rated them. any suggestions?
I've had mine a week and I really like it. The keyboard is very well designed and easy to use. Another plus is the battery life..I get over 8 hours on a full charge. It is very light and portable and the screen quality is excellent.
Now no one laugh but I have no idea what a netbook is. Can someone enlighten me on what everyone is raving about?

Going back to an earlier post - I read an article recently which pointed out that you can pretty much get anything cheaper on Amazon but it warned that if an item breaks down after 6 months all they will offer you back is 10% - 20% of the initial price . I didn't know this so I might be a bit wary in future . I do buy quite a lot from them .
I have never had a problem with amazon and guarentees, I had a Sony Laptop that played up after 11 months, I e-mailed customer services and they said sorry its not in stock anymore but return it for a full refund and we will reimburse the postage, outstanding, I did just that with no problems whatsover. Also as you say they are pretty hard to beat on prices, remember it must say sold by amazon after the price as they have alot of third party sellers, the Samsing nc10 does say in stock at £399 BUT not by amazon, look to the right and they show thier prices if out of stock.
Ps, shocker, ordered the black one for my son last night as it suddenly popped up in stock at £292 so ordered it, just looked at amazon and for some unknown reason it now says £329, my guess is they are in cahoots so QVC can say they are the cheapest, I have found this with the ARCHOS too and then it goes down after they have had a tsv...tut tut.
One of the reviews on Amazon says it hasn't got a SD card slot, however, if you look in your local £1 shop, I got a USB stick with a SD/MMC slot, which is almost as good.
The same review also says that the white is a pearly finish & not a gloss finish.
Bloomin QVC!

Now I'm going to have to buy it if it's on easypayments!!!

I've been salivating over this one since I saw it on!!!

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