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Sarah Pocket

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Jun 24, 2008
Lancashire South Lakes Border
I don't know whether this code was posted on the old forum but I thought it might be useful.
I went to see Sally Morgan in Blackpool on Sunday and the programme contains a code - and I know how you lot love your codes! It can only be used at Gems when you purchase anything in the Sally Morgan jewellery collection via the website. Quote SMT10 when placing your order and you will receive a £10 discount. The offer is valid until September 2008.
I queued up at the end to get my programme signed by Sally and we had a giggle when I flashed my amethyst heart ring at her, she held out hers and I said SNAP! She is a lovely warm and friendly lady.
Thanks Sarah, I have been a bit naughty recently but no doubt will have been good enough to deserve a treat before September. Failing that the kids will drive me to it over the holidays! :rolleyes:
Thanks Sarah but the code doesn't work!

do you think she's psychically blocked any non-fans from using it?
Spooky! I've gone back to the programme and I've definitely posted the correct code. It says only one voucher per customer, not to be used in conjunction with any other offer, £10 off anything in the Sally Morgan jewellery collection when purchasing via the website at - Go into the shop and click on the link to see the collection. Offer valid until September 2008. Enter voucher code SMT10 in the relevant box when placing your order.

I might give it a go to see if it works for me and then cancel.
Right, I've just given it a try and I am getting the voucher code invalid message as well. Not very good is it? GemsTV have presumably either contributed towards the cost of the programmes or advertised Gems in the programme and then whoever has organised it hasn't ensured that the code works. Given that 800+ people are present every evening for 26 dates during the period in which the voucher was valid, Gems are potentially losing a lot of new customers. (A few existing ones might have been tempted as well). There is a message to ring CS but I would find that a hassle.

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