Ruth Linnett debuts on Rocks and Co.


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<img src="/images/channels/rocksandco/RuthLinnett_small.jpg" border="1" alt="Ruth Linnett" title="Ruth Linnett" vspace="2" align="right" />Ruth Linnett will make her Rocks and Co. debut on Wednesday 8th October.<br /><br />Speaking with Ruth said:<br /><br />"I am thrilled to be joining the team at Rocks & Co. and look forward to my first on air hours at 4.30pm, working alongside Victoria Burton on 8th October - I hope that people will join me and keep me company. This will be a new challenge for me but I can't wait to get started!"
We'd noticed she'd disappeared from Gems - It'll be a pleasure to see her again.
Made me laugh this morning, they showed their "we've got it wrong so we're changing" trailer, then straight after ran the "No gimmicks, no falling auctions" VT

I like Ruth, and think the format change will be a good idea, not that I've watched much, but might start now.

So Did I

I thought Drew was with Lucy:33:

I may be wrong though

:1:Hiya Sweetpea......So did I, I'm almost certain they are an item...Drew/Lucy)

I think Ruth was just (on air partner only) with Derek!!!:33:
Since Ruths departure...we have been seeing Lucy filing in a lot the last few evenings.

Luv Mirabelle xxx:40:
Yes Ruth Linnett from GTV

so it's Ruth from GTV???

if so, I wonder if that makes things awkward for Drew??

:1:Hiya Sammi..Yes It's Ruth Linnett from GTV, her debut is tomorrow
on Rocks & Co...she was just on air partner only with Derek.

I'm almost sure It's Drew/Lucy that are the Item.:33:

Luv Mirabelle xxx:40:
Good,I like Ruth.I hope she does well there.:1:
I haven't posted on the forums for ages and have only just started watching Rocks & Co but I've liked a lot of the jewellery I've seen so far and the presenters I've caught look good.
Looking forward to seeing how they develop and hoping they learn from the mistakes of some other channels(!).:33:
Hi Guys,

Just spotted ths thread whilst trying to divert myself from the *other place", and before spotting this had posted to Ara on Graham's thread regarding Ruth.

She's on me telly now and so experienced and professional - smashing.

Corr - just spotted a jumbo ruby, and it fits her lol, byeeeee
Ruth has just been on rocks&co and she did really well, I think she is a really good presenter gemstv have lost one of there really good presenters nice to see her on rocksandco though:1:

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