Rubellite Ring Arrived!


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Jun 24, 2008
Yorkshire Uk
Hi all, Finally my rubellite ring has arrived. Here it is (bottom)shown with my other rubellite ring :)

They look fab together, a match made in heaven!

Is that a Rocks TV twisty over ring I see at the top (can't for the life of me think of what it's called)?
Thanks both! Jan the rubellite at the top is indeed my rubellite reversible ring from RocksTV:1:
Ah yes Tab, thanks, Reversible sounds much better than twisty over doesn't it? LOL.
lovely... well done ,worth the wait... i still think i should share the reversible thou :34:
Lovely - the ring that is not you!! Of course you're lovely too though just like your Twinny!! I take it that it won't be coming North then?!! Bah humbug!!
Hiya Tabs, that's a lovely rubellite ring you have got there, really good colour, thinks it's be worth the wait hasn't it, enjoy wearing it!
Scrummy! I love the colour of Rubellite and so far everything I have received from Rocks & Co has been exactly as it appeared on screen including their Rubellite which truly inspires confidence IMO.

That ring is certainly substantial too and worth waiting for. It's a great match for your other one!
Hi Tabs, just to echo the other comments already made, your new Rubellite ring looks a lovely colour and full of gemstones, all beautifully matched...hopefully. A very worthwhile addition to your collection and it seems to match your reversible ring very well also. Nice one.

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