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Jun 24, 2008
Well I did warn you all!! I just took these with my mobile phone so they're pretty awful! You'll get an idea of what I got though I hope :LaughingCat:

Kyanite in White Gold

Silver Multi Gem

Sunset Sapphire

Oh I think they're a bit small!! They were huuuuge when I downloaded them on my PC but I resized them - oops! They don't even get bigger when you click on them!!
I think David Bailey's still safe!
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*Jantac puts her glasses on......*

They do look nice (from what I can see lol)

I like the colour of the sunset sapphire, that's really pretty
Ooooooooooooh! Teeny weeny pics but lovely goodies! Don't forget Twinnies share everything Klos! :18::4:
Lovely purchases Klosblue, like the sunset sapphire colour looks really fab (from what I can see :54: that is) are you on the look out for anything else?
I've just ordered a aquamarine ring colour looked really fab on screen hope it is as good irl:1:
Small is beautiful.........thank goodness!!!:54:

They do look lovely,particularly the sunset sapphire,how pretty is that??:1:

Enjoy wearing them,hun xxx
:1: All good things come in little packages !!!! enjoy klos they look lovely ,like the sunset sapphire xx
Now,where did I put my magnifying glass?:22:
They're gorgeous Klosblue and they suit you beautifully.:1:
They do seem to have some lovely kyanite and I've seen a quite a few very pretty multi colour rings,in semi-precious and sapphire.
The sunset sapphire's beautiful,I was very tempted by it in pink sapphire/white gold.:32:
Are you and Tabs actually twin?(Or is she just trying to get your jewellery off you?)
Lovey items Klos, particularly like the sunset sapphire, bet that looks lovely on. Have my eye on that and also on their AAA aquamarine (the colour looks gorgeous and the prices very reasonable) and also on their Tanzanian Ruby. I missed out on a couple of lovey rings, but I'll keep looking. Can anyone advise me on how to download piccies onto the forum please?
Now,where did I put my magnifying glass?:22:
Are you and Tabs actually twin?(Or is she just trying to get your jewellery off you?)

Is that what sisters do? :54:

Klos they look lovely. For a small pic the colour in that sunset sapphire reallys zings out of the photo. The multi gem looks very pretty too. The kyanite is the hardest to see, as it's the darkest stone, but I've seen the kyanite they've had on the show, so I know it must be lovely :D
Thank you peeps. Sorry the pics are poo - not my forte! I have hidden talents. They're so well hidden I haven't found them yet but they are there somewhere :3:

Tabs is definitely my Twinny. We have such a similar taste in jewellery that we have decided we must have been seperated at birth - long labour though because I think there may be a few years between us with me the youngest of course!! :54:

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