Rosehip Oil - opinons?


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Jun 26, 2008
I bought the A'kin Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil Duo and am eagerly waiting its delivery. I've read allsorts of wondrous things about rosehip oil and wondered if anyone here has ever used it? Or have just been suckered again? lol
Hi Calico!
I have used a couple of different brands of rosehip oil...started with a mail order company selling rosa mosqueta probably about 15 years ago and loads of others afterwards. I found absolutely none of them made any difference until I tried Trilogy's and then really noticed a difference. I think A'Kin is very similar to Trilogy so I should expect you will have a similarly positive experience - it is a good moisturiser but it also lightens the skin slightly and helps scars to fade...a little really does go a long way and it does sink in easily. Good luck and hope it works for you!!!
I do have sensitive skin and have tried the rose hip oil and my face became red and irritated.But everyone is different the liz earle range made my skin red and spotty i hope it works for you though as im always reading good things about using oils but my skin cannot take it.
I have decided my skin does not like oils full stop, for a while I could use BIo oil but then i reacted to that. Previous I could not use Aromessences(even on body),
I love facial oils - you do have to be careful not to apply too much. I have used Trilogy on and off for many years and have loved it. I tried the A'kin and liked it (although it had a stronger smell).
I don't like the A'kin moisturisers though.
Smells like manure! ...but if you don't mind that then go ahead, I ended it up mixing it with one of the decleor oils and that got rid of the smell.....I do love the akin rose creamy facewash though & the rose toner, simply divine, I highly recommend...reading the ingredients of akin products is very reassuring, no nasties!
rosehip oil

i have very sensitive skin and suffer from facial psoriasis.this product is leaves my skin really soft and i have found my skin is much better.i use elemis redness relief and then the rosehip oil.
a little goes a long way and it is pure organic oil without any of the nasties in it.hopethis helps.
Interested to read your opinions - I'm trying it hopefully in the new year (other half is buying it for me from the Akin range). I already use the Akin moisturisers which I love, so am hoping I get some even better results from the oil too.
Liz Earle's Superskinn concentrate contains Rosehip oil, and I find that very soothing - I have fairly sensitive skin, prone to eczema.
Thanks everyone! It arrived today and the smell is, erm, an acquired taste but I can live with it. I'll give it a go and see if I turn into Beyonce (more like Hilda Ogden, I bet )

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