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OK, OK, I admit it. I like a few of these. The website isn't taking orders, though.

Try closing your browser and re-opening ATG, I sometimes have that problem and its cured by closing Firefox or Explorer completely then re-opening. Sometimes I even reboot. Really annoying it is too, I have missed out because of it!

These are really nice, must admit - but all too big for me, I'm only a petite size 6. Did anyone hear Julia say she'd heard comments from people 'around' that the range wasn't suitable if you were larger - and that it was, that there actually was a lot of give in the fabric...Wonder if she'd been on here and read the earlier thread? :)
Am guessing this must be their 'hip' brand ... some of the models are doing edgey poses on the site. Could of nice-ish frocks (for QVC) but too big for me (and too expensive for polyester!).
I can't say I was "bowled over" myself, there was some nice colours and prints, but all spoiled by the polyester fabric they were made out of...Some of the things that were supposed to be non clingy, I thought clung on for "dear life" and if it accentuates the tiniest little tummy on Amica et al, there's not much hope for anyone who's larger than a size 10. The model, Cressida was far too tall for the trousers and they just looked silly, and in the royal blue outfit she had a real "camel toe" going on! The prices weren't stupidly high, but you could most certainly buy something a lot cheaper and nicer on the high street, and I don't just mean from Primark..sorry!
what made me smile was that Julia made a point of saying she was in the medium when the sizes were 10,12,14 etc and then she said i mean im in a 12!
yeah ok jools if you say so love. the dress in question started at size 10 which Amica was sporting and theres no way Julias was only 1 size bigger. I would say she was wearing a 14 and I would like to say Julia there is no shame in that , I wish I could get into a 14 these days! last time I went shopping I had to go into unknown territory size 18! omg! Jules you have a fab figure for your age but you get a bit annoying going on about 'im in the small' or medium as the case may be.

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