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Jun 24, 2008
Chilling in Cheshire
See they only have eight items previewed per hour for this evening.

Does this mean there will be more requests/other items - or are they going to eek out each item more?

Have to admit I haven't watched as much since there have been ten items previewed in the catalogue per hour - if there hasn't been anything I was interested in scheduled, as hardly any time for surprises.
I thought that sara, they don't seem to have had much time for requests so maybe this is to leave some extra room in the schedule for them :)
I was hoping that the 'gaps' meant more requests, rather than some admin error. That means lots of opportunities for impulse bidding...yaaay!!:52:
Good morning, everyone.

You are absolutely right, we've scheduled 8 items per hour today to leave more room for requests.

Please feel free to email [email protected] if there is anything particular would like to see.

Kind regards

John Bennett
John i am so glad you have done this as i think us rockettes love the thought of surprise items going in to the auction.I must admit that some times i have not tuned in because i did not want to buy anything in the ten items preview.But that could change now for some of us and tune in more often.I think you are all doing a grand job and wish you all a happy future at rocks.:1:
Hi John,
Thanks for the change - I have to admit, if the preview doesn't have anything I want, I tend not to tune in since it moved to 10 items, as there isn't time for requests or surprise items really. I think cutting it back is a positive move, so thanks for listening to us - AGAIN!
Thumbs up, great stuff, keep up the good work!
:1::I have just had a look at this evenings offerings and like you i think a bit of space for requests and the odd surprise is going to be a winner
I think now its speeded up a bit more to is a very good move well done rocks
By the way if anyone has seen the solitair black diamond in the last hour can i just say it is a stunner much nicer than any pictures I've seen of it .It's one you need to see in real life.
I agree with what everyone else has said. I run a voluntary organisation in addition to my full-time job, so I haven't been tuing in much of late as I've been really, really busy anyway; but the increased "surprise" element will certainly get me watching again when I have a bit more time.
:smile Something else I've just noticed (not a complaint merely an observation) not as many multi-quantity auctions as before and the highest number of items in an auction is 3 as opposed to 5 before.

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