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Spinster of the Parish
Jun 24, 2008
London baby!
Noticed the opening hours on the Coloured Rocks site.

Wed 24th Dec Off air
Thu 25th Dec Off air
Fri 26th Dec Off air
Sat 27th Dec Midday - Midnight
Sun 28th Dec Midday - Midnight
Mon 29th Dec Midday - Midnight
Tues 30th Dec Midday - Midnight
Wed 31st Dec Midday - 6pm
Thu 1st Jan 6pm Midnight
Fri 2nd Jan Midday - Midnight

How are we going to cope with THREE WHOLE DAYS without Rocks?????? :17:

Gives a whole new topical meaning to the phrase "cold turkey"! :18:
Well we know Steve & Sarah have family, so does Barry, and I'm sure lots of the back room staff do too, so they must be looking forward to having time off at Christmas to spend with them.

Reckon Janey was joking there - no-one expects Rocks to be on over Christmas! (er - do they?)

Just what I was thinking jacky. When I read the post my first thought was that I'd have to talk to my family over the festive period. :eek:

Seriously, I'd like to wish the whole Rocks team a very restful Christmas- they have worked so hard ensuring that our gifts to others (and ourselves ;)) are fab this year.

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