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<img src="/images/box_4small.jpg" border="0" hspace="4" align="right" /><a href="/images/angle.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="/images/angle_small.jpg" border="0" hspace="4" align="right" /></a>Rocks.TV launched its own gents’ watch range last week under gents’ brand Mattom. CEO Steve Bennett (founder of and Software Warehouse) is so thrilled with the designs, he’s decided to auction his very own Rolex watch on jewellery auction site <a href=""></a>, and replace it with one of his own designs from Mattom.<br /><br />This Rolex watch has been independently valued for insurance at over £5,000, and all the money raised from the auction will be donated to the company’s charity projects in mining communities in Africa. <br /><br />Steve’s Rolex is the Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date, which is impermeable to a depth of 300 metres/1000 feet! Its movement is self-winding with a crystal movement of Sapphire. The watch face and rotating bezel are blue, which contrast beautifully with the Gold and Steel metal on the rest of the Rolex.<br /><br />This model has infinite class and style, and its masculine features are emphasised by the cool blue tones and gold detail.<br /><br />The Rolex watch will be in Sunday's auction catalogue, and bidders are welcome to place pre-bids from Midnight on Sunday 3rd May. If you have any questions please email [email protected] <br></br>The auction will be taking place on Sunday 3rd May from 8pm on <a href=""></a>
Wow - what a generous offer! (Well, OK, so we know Steve's a multi-millionaire through his hard work and enterprise, but not all of them are so generous.) I really hope it raises a good sum.
Aww! am going to miss the auction I am away that evening and can't get to a computer. I may have been tempted as a surprise for my OH. Its a wonderful gesture by Steve so hope he gets a good price for it.
Well done Steve. Despite all your wealth you are obviously a man who really enjoys his work and just being one of the 'ordinary' people.

You spend your time giving us the ability to be able to have a little bit of what you have.

I, for one, certainly appreciate what you do, and have done. I HOPE this auction is able to give to charity what you could have got by selling your watch somewhere else.

Thanks very much
Just to let you all know that Steve's stunning watch is in the auction catalogue for Sunday, so you will be able to pre-bid on it all day Sunday.

Happy bidding!

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