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black diamond witch
Jun 24, 2008
Have Rocks TV always played background music all the time?

I've only just noticed it - can't work out whether it's been there all along or if it's something new.
I think Sarah's cd was played sometimes but that music on now is dire. Not sure how long Rocks have been using that track. I hate the music played in the background when Honora is on QVC too.

Do you think if we started a protest in the chatbox it would go?:33:
I'm really not liking the music now, it's getting on my nerves.

I wonder what the point of it is?
I noticed it last night and asked (in the chat box) what everyone thought. There was a definite majority who said it was annoying and distracting. I had hoped someone would notice our comments and switch it off!! :rolleyes:
People power gets them every time.

What's the betting we'll have to do it again when Barry and Steve are on? :52:
lol CalBelle

Not to everybody's taste, I don't blame Steve for wanting to big up his wife's talents :D

Heehee Sammi Calbelle slounds like a disgusting cheese spread. :11:

I mean that I don't like the background 'same-music-all-night', Sarah's cd is fine and is a good backing track.
To be fair, think of your favourite track ever. Then play it solidly over and over, every day, for six solid hours, for about 8 weeks. Do you ever want to hear it again?
Nope, me neither! And that ain't my favourite track - it's MUZAK!!! Like being stuck in a lift!!! For two months!!!!

Not that it bothers me :54::54::54:
I just turn the sound down! The other jewellery channel uses music to get you to buy - the music gets faster and more frenzied as the price drops and the presenter gets more hysterical...then when the items have gone, it sort of sighs...supposed, I think, to emulate something sexual (am I allowed to say that on here?) But Rocks music does seem to stay the same tempo which is a blessing...I hate being manipulated!
I dont think the music was there before other than a bit of sarahs c.d when the short clips were on but I'm sure the tedious background music playing when the auctioneer is on started over the weekend or am i wronge?

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