Rocks Star - "Lowest Price Guarrantee"


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Nov 29, 2009
Hello all - long time poster - enjoyed reading everything here and learned a lot - but what I've just seen makes me so angry I feel moved to post!

I was watching r&C earlier this afternoon with Tenner and Jerilee, and during that Jerilee also popped up with the Rocks Star - AA Tanzanian Ruby, £199. Afternoon rolled on, Jerilee left, Vicky came on. At the end of the 2pm hour Vicky and Tenner came on with the Rocks Star, saying they were re-filming it as part of their "crazy extravaganza" or whatever, and lowered the price to £129. Shortly then into the 3pm hour, with Tony and Vicky, they announced the Rocks Star Sold out.

All very well, except todays Rocks Star has just come on again, at 11.30pm...using the original Jerilee recording and offering it for £199!! Now, Vicky in her film mentionned previous purchasers would get it for the new price..which is fine. But now it has magically not sold out all of a sudden, what about anyone who is mad enough to purchase it now?! £199 after all is not the lowest price, so the guarrantee is meaningless. total mis-selling and a total shambles. the prices on R&C, and the quality of some of the gems have got better of late...but they clearly cannot be trusted.
I do of course mean "lurker" and not "poster" in my first line there - got slightly confused in my rage for a second!
Always possible they've made a mistake... who knows?

Why not call them and say you're interested in the Rocks Star and you want to check the price - see what they say.
...yes I saw that too, and then I just thought well they must have found a few more. I rang up for something once which they said had gone and the call centre said casually "Oh no we have lots of those". I had visions of plastic bags stacked against the desks. I didn't notice the price as I'm not really into rubies. Maybe its the technology again. I think their computers have been up the creek today as they can't seem to get the right graphics up again.

This channel has a strange fascination for me despite the recent bucket of cold water they threw at me (see an earlier thread/rant). Watching it tonight I very nearly found myself bidding for an ametrine ring. It did look lovely, but then I think they just have very good cameras and they owe me so much money in refunds I don't want to wobble their Xmas trading any further!

Btw, did anyone see Tony pull a whopping great tanzanite pendant out of his pocket for auction tonight? Is this a new sales tactic? Whatever next? (Psst, hey you, wanna buya watch?...)

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