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Jun 26, 2008
My photographs are famous for being dreadful :eek: but I thought it was time to time to try again and review my rings from Rocks.


Mexican Fire Opal
This was my first purchase from Rocks and I got it for the princely sum of £18 when Barry's finger slipped. :D
Fire Opal will never be one of my favourite gems but I think it's a pretty design and I love the sparkly little baguette diamonds on the shoulders and it was a real bargain. lol


Red Labradorite
This arrived today; it's my first Labradorite piece and I was bowled over by the colour and clarity ... love it!


This also came today. I haven't done the Rubellite any favours in this photo because it looks very similar in colour to the Labradorite but in reality it's a lovely plum colour ... will definitely wear this one loads when I get it re-sized.


Bet you all thought it was a Sapphire! I have tried many times to photograph my Alex pieces and always failed miserably. Most of you know how much I love Alex and this ring is rarely off my finger.


I like the simplicity of this design and it is definitely more blue than a lot of Rocks' tanzanite but it doesn't have the same depth of colour as the one I have from errrm Gems. This is my first octagon cut ring and to be honest I haven't a clue what I should be looking for in a good one so any advice and/or opinions would be very much appreciated.

I am now on the wagon!! :D
Wow, some great items there!

My fave has to be the Rubellite, looks a stunner. The red lab is really nice too. Fab price on the fire opal! Well done.
Gorgeous Fluff! I have the fire opal and love it. (paid a tad more than £18 :2:) The labradorite is stunning. I have one but prefer yours! The alexandrite is on my wish list!
What a lovely collection of rings. I share your penchant for alexandrite...such an interesting and wearable gemstone.

The fire opal has to be the bargain of the year!! Well done and enjoy wearing them.
Wow love them all ,im going to have to get a decent alexanderite it looks lovely, i love the fireopal have a fab pendant in it, wat a fab price u got it for...lucky u ,enjoy wearing them xxxx
Oooooooooooo Fluff, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous and gorgeous. I do love tanzy, and it's fairly unusual to see an octagon cut one, so well done you. I think I could very well be tempted by an Alex as it is one of my birthstones, along with pearlies, which I quite like :whistle:

All lovely rings Fluff, are they all keepers? I have the tanzy ring in my basket, am really looking forward to it arriving when I've added the odd thing or two or three or ........ :54:
Yes, jacqualina, they're all keepers! :D I've had the Alex and Fire Opal resized and will be sending the others off to Regency asap.
Beautiful rings Fluff - I love the classic designs. I think the Alex is my favourite - wowee! The Tanzy looks like it has a good saturation of colour. I'm not an expert by any means, but when I'm looking for a Tanzy I make sure it has good clarity, good tone/colour and that it's a bright and lively stone. You should be able to see different shades and colours as you move the gemstone around. I expect Meesh will be along later to give you better advice.

What a great deal on the Fire Opal btw. I wish Barry's finger would slip more often! :lolwave:

Great pics too. M xx
Wow fluff - I love them all. Love the fire opal at a super bargain price and the tanzy looks a good colour too. Now fingers cross you can stay on the wagon :)
I love all your rings Fluff - good shopping. I too have the fire opal, which I think is a wonderful colour (I'm not keen on the yellow). Sadly Barry's finger only slipped to £29 for me, but still a smashing bargain.

Argey xx
Gorgeous! I love them all! Rubellite is one of my fave stones, and Alexandrite and labradorite are on the wish list! Enjoy wearing your lovelies :)
Thanks for the pics......

Well Fluff what can I say? :33:

You've made some excellent choices there kiddo. :35: The styles are all lovely and the colours of the gemstones bright and bold.
The new red Labradorite stands out in particular..........a gemstone I haven't yet seen irl.

Do you get some colour change from the Alex ring? Mine (from Gems) has some of that blue oil slick appearance
embedded in the stone, which gives off flashes of red in incandescent light.

Bet you're like a pup with three tails with your stunning new acquisitions........
( only had a smilie with 3 pups!)

Hiya Tabs!

I was thrilled to get the Rubellite because I loved it as soon as I saw it on Coloured Rocks. When I read it was a "limited design of only one" I immediately put in a request for it to be auctioned and sighed a huge sigh of relief when it was safely in my basket. :D
(The Rocks photo shows the colour better than my pic :eek:)

As I've already said I was bowled over by the colour of the Labradorite when I opened the box. There were 2 identical designs on CR ... both Red Labradorite but different shades.

This is mine:

This one is still on CR:

I'm more than happy with the one I chose but it would've been interesting to get them both home to compare in real life.

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