Rocks & Co. Launches ‘The Clever Gem Buyer’


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Rocks & Co. Launches ‘The Clever Gem Buyer’

<img src="/images/clevergems.gif" border="0" alt="The Clever Gem Buyer" title="The Clever Gem Buyer" align="right" />Rocks & Co., is proud to publish Gavin Linsell’s new book, ‘The Clever Gem Buyer’. Available online from today as an e-book, print versions will be made available to Rocks & Co. customers later this year. <br /><br />Let’s face it, when it comes to coloured gemstones, most people are unsure what’s available, let alone how to determine value. This is a pity, because it’s easy to become a clever gem buyer. Written for the expert and the amateur alike, ‘The Clever Gem Buyer’ successfully balances practical gem buying tips and gemmological facts with the romance, myths and history of gemstones. Presented in an entertaining way, and packed full of colourful anecdotes, ‘The Clever Gem Buyer’ is easy to understand and includes over 70 drawings, diagrams, tables and graphs, and over 170 high-quality colour photographs. You can read ‘The Clever Gem Buyer’ as an e-book by clicking on a banner at <a href=""></a> or by clicking the ‘Rocks Library’ link above the website’s main bar.<br /><br />A renowned gemstone expert on television channels in the UK, Germany and the U.S.A., Gavin Linsell is one of the gemstone professionals behind Rocks & Co. Gavin is an Australian gemstone writer based in Chanthaburi, Thailand, an international centre for coloured gemstones. Apart from travelling extensively to gem markets and mining centres in Asia and Africa, Gavin is also a member of the ICA (International Coloured Gemstone Association), an organisation whose members include the top gemstone miners, cutters and dealers throughout the world. ‘The Clever Gem Buyer’ is Gavin’s second book.
This is a great idea - I've been delighted to receive lovely gemstone books from both Gems TV and Rocks TV. Let's hope they will send the print version free to customers when it becomes available.
You can pre-order this book from Amazon for £10.99 atm. It doesn't say when it's going to be available though. I had a quick glance through it online yesterday. It looks good; I'll be getting a copy I expect. Free would be even better though! :wohoo:
Hi Melusina:

Thanks, glad you liked the book, once printed it will be provided to Rocks & Co. customers free of charge.

The retail price of £10.99 is correct and the Amazon listing is automatic upon registering an ISBN (the small barcode on the back cover of every book).

Thanks for trying it out as an e-book; I am really happy how this technology came together.

Best Wishes,

Hi Guys:

Yes, all the jewellery pictured in the book are Rocks & Co. pieces except for the Diamond Platinum Ring on page 126.

Kind Regards,

Love the book Gavin and many thanks for posting it on the Rocks&Co website. Am looking forward to getting a copy when it is published!

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