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<img src="/images/rcosale.jpg" border="0" alt="Rocks and Co" title="Rocks and Co" hspace="4" width="86" height="184" align="right" />Slashing prices on fixed price and auction items, Rocks & Co.’s first ever clearance is packed full of special deals and rare purchasing opportunities on a huge range of their quality gold and silver gemstone jewellery.<br /><br />Rocks & Co. has been thrilled with the praise their jewellery has garnered and looks forward to rewarding its customers with big savings and rock bottom prices. The clearance is scheduled to continue into January based on available stock, so hesitating could mean missing out on some amazing bargains.<br /><br />You can shop online with Rocks & Co. at <a href=""></a> or watch live on Sky channel 642 from 8am until 2am daily. Do have any feedback for Rocks & Co.? If yes, either text them on 82222 (just put STUDIO followed by your message) or e-mail them at <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>. <br /><br />
Daft question alert!! When does the sale actually start?? :33: I know the clue is possibly January lol but it's splashed all over their website already and lots of January sales started on Boxing Day. :22: The reason I ask is cos I've been browsing for a couple of items I've had my eye on and the prices are still the same, perhaps a Rocks person could clarify this?? :22: :pPC:
I thought it was just me!
I have seen a ring, that I actually had in my basket. Basket price ... £49
SALE PRICE .... £56 ???

the one in my basket dropped to 49 first go ... wasnt like it dropped and dropped and dropped

a few opal rings and some paraiba rings I have been interested in are actually selling for more than normal!!!

I have only been watching back and forth, not been glued ... and just thought 'I was imagining things..'
Really disappointed to say but same here! I've seen items go higher than previously. I know that for a fact because I had them on my list and they are now more expensive.

I've been an advocate for this channel but you have lost a lot of cred doing this.

Tut tut Rocks - I would have thought you were better than that! :Thumbsdown:
Prices certainly aren't at sale prices just seen a apatite pendant which was sold at £24 before xmas just sold at £36 so not 'sale' prices then,I think quite alot of the jewellery prices seemed to have gone up in price some are really expensive in price compared to before xmas day, not good rocks&co
Thought WoW sale,thoroughly disappointing,do you think we are all idiots Rocks and don't know when prices are reduced? If you want to keep your customers,especially with your awful CS,get your act together.
Graham's message said that the sale is scheduled to continue into January - so could be implying that it has started now....

I only popped into this forum as I thought that some website pieces hadn't been reduced, and I was confused. If there was a true sale on I might have brought something from them.

But, from reading your posts I now have my answer - Rocks&Co is just your average 'rip off' company. :12:
I detest companies that wrap things up as though it is a 'sale' or a 'bargain' when it isn't
Oh dear - not good! This reminds me of TJC sales (pardon me, I mean non-sales).

Andrew / Rocks&CoHelper - can you please look at the pricing?
Happy Christmas fellow shoppers!!
I raised a similar question about a pendant I had already bought but it did turn out that the carat weight and diamond weight were different. I hope that's what happened to you aswell Faerie!! I did wonder how they would go from 'introductory prices' to a 'sale' but I'm not complaining!
I have to say I have bought some pieces from their sale and the prices have been fantastic..i've been to other channels/shops etc and can't find prices ANYWHERE near so just waiting on their arrival now and I do tend to get all my pieces valued to find out my savings!
Don't let us down Rocks and Co!!!
Belated Happy Christmas everyone!!

I haven't noticed the prices things are going for in the auctions - I haven't been watching - but it does seem to me that the prices in the shop are lower than before. I bought 911 112 a couple of months ago for £64 (I think) and it's in the shop for just under £67, and a pendant I had my eye on for £70+ is now £50-ish. Perhaps this is part of the sale ???

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