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Jul 1, 2008
I thought that TJC was addictive to watch but Rocks is something else, I have spent a fortune today because I couldn't say no. I Can't wait for my first delivery. I am going to have two very happy daughters this Christmas.
The help Team are brilliant, I couldn't check out the first time, that was sorted very quickly with the help of chat help. Simply brilliant.
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Well Done saphire you have some lovely items there enjoy your purchases and i agree its far far far too addictive. hope you will be with happy with all your jewellery. mags
WOW Fab haul Saphire, I'm afraid you're one of us now!!! A blingy Rockaholic!!!! Two words, SLIPPERY SLOPE!

Welcome to the club!
I have to say I've always been a bit of a shopping addict but I've never been quite so bad as I am with Rocks. And they're all such lovely people and the service seems so personal that I WANT to go back and make them all happy by spending more money!!! That's quite aside from the beautiful jewellery and crazy prices.
It's like the crack cocaine of shopping outlets...!!!
:1:welcome Saphire to the rockaholics lol
I have been with rocks since day one also and still find loads i want to buy and i love watching and chatting with all the other blingsters
I'm sure you will love it when it comes but if for any reason your not happy theres no hassel to send it back
I used to spend too much on Gems tv - then I discovered Rocks through this site (week 4- had I known earlier, I'd have been there from day one!) - still spending too much, but items much cheaper than Gems tv! Fab personal service as you say, which of course, is good marketing - the happier customers are, the more they'll spend!
Hi everyone, so I am not alone after all, I have only had sniff of the drug and now I am hooked. Will I need to book into rehab before it gets too bad and end up bankrupt, I hope not. :20:
Welcome Saphire!

I used to be addicted to Rocks TV, but am currently cheating on them(!) with Rocks & Co - they have some amazing designs and I just wanted a bit of variety.

But I agree that the Rocks TV format is the best and the customer service is astounding - I've never known anything like it. I'll be back soon!
Thankyou all for your words of support it is always so fantastic to hear how much you love what we are doing here at It makes our jobs very worthwhile!

All the Best and Merry Christmas

Sarah Bennett:4:
Hello Sarah its us that should thank you all for your hard work and total dedication to us we are all blown away by the jewellery and superb customer support you give
and a very happy christmas to you all at rocks

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