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Aug 5, 2008
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Does anyone know where you can get those things you attach to ring in order to make them smaller which are not visible. I have slender fingers. My thumb is size J and my fingers are size H. As you know not all rings can be downsized. I thank you in advance for any help and tips.
Plastic ones are available from Betterware

I've used these before and they're not ideal (you can feel that you're wearing them) but they do the job
I've had them as well. They come in different lengths and thicknesses. It looks a bit odd from the palm side of your hand and you do know you've got them on but the certainly do the job.
I've had ring clips fitted to rings before by my local jewellery workshop - it's only a couple of pounds, depending on the metal.

Or you can get 2 little balls of metal attached to the inside of the band so there is nothing visible on the outside of the ring.
The metal ring adjusters are probably better although they can slightly scratch the ring over a long period of time.

There's several sellers on eBay, I've put in this link because the picture's quite good but there are UK sellers as well.

I worked in a jewellers shop many years ago and we used to sell and fit loads of these, in white gold, yellow gold or silver - and in different sizes to suit different widths of ring shank. I should think that small independent jewellers (especially those that have their own workshops) would sell them.

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