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Jun 24, 2008
I know that lots of people have a lot of trouble with returns, but I just thought I'd share my experience.

I sent back the Kipling TSV on Monday 15th Sept - 2nd class. It was received by QVC on 22nd Sept (checked on My Account).

Checked my credit card statement online today and it was credited back to my account on 22nd Sept.

Praise where praise is due to QVC.

Now, what can I spend the returned money on?!
On my last 3 returns, one was 10 days, next was 16 days and the next was over 6 weeks. This is only in the last 2 months. So sorry I cannot praise their return service
I have only experienced delays on returns over a public holiday period, when the PO, QVC and the banks are not working normally, and if I've discarded the original packaging, return bar code cannot be scanned and the return is done manually.
Cannot give them the excuse of no bar codes or public holidays all been sent back correctly
Recently bought the Fuji camera that was a TSV but it had a fault and then we found we could get it cheaper elsewhere! Because of the fault I emailed them to send me a pre-paid return envelope and was told it would be picked up in 5-7 working days. One day later they turned up to collect it! Now just got to check that I've been refunded the costs.

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