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Jun 24, 2008
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I have returned a couple of things to Rocks before but they were from the same order, this time I want to return stuff from different orders. If I make sure they're separately packed with different returns forms will they be OK in the same envelope? Has anyone else done this?

I've also taken the plunge & ordered some rings which I will need to have resized. Each invoice has a label with Regency Jewellers address on it together with the order number. Do I have to send rings that relate to a specific order in separate envelopes or can I send them all together?

Hope I've explained myself clearly :5:
I'd be interested in the answer to this myself Janey, as I have a couple of things from various orders to return too.
I sent two items from different orders back in the same envelope - I used one of the return labels, and cut out the order number from the other label so that both order numbers were on the envelope.
I think that as long as you put correct order number for each item on one return form it should be ok, thats how i did it and had no problems.
I have sent several things back in the same parcel but in seperate packages with the relevant lables and forms attached.
You can also send several things to regency in one package as long as you make sure you have the order numbers with them as you would if it was a single item if that makes sense.
Just a tip when i return anything back to rocks i turn the thick plastic bag that its posted in ,inside out and using the bubble wrap as a liner i pack up my returns in the bag it saves on buying large envelopes to post stuff back and selotapes the lable on it .
thats what i do milly,i turn the bags inside out to send back save buying more, ive never had any problems sending things from different orders back at the same time,so long as the order numbers match upto the item numbers etc .I have sent things to be resized and valued at regency ive put in the jewellery and their item codes to match i use the self adhesive label supplied
I have sent items back on one form,or completed a couple of forms in the same package.......never had a problem.I also re-use the DPD bag.
Special Delivery Envelopes

If you didn't want / weren't able to re-use the DPD bag, the Post Office has Special Delivery envelopes which you can pick up. The one below measures about 13" x 10" and there is one about half this size, suitable for just one or two items and one much larger. The weight is negligible and I just wrap my returns in the bubble wrap and stick them in one of these.

On advantage is that you can make a note of the parcel number...on your invoice if you wish....before leaving home......just in case your PO receipt should ever be mislaid.

Just a note....first peel back the silver label and stick the Rocks return label on the address portion underneath. The top loose part will be given back to you.


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I use the envelopes that Sacha uses - although I hadn't thought of sticking the returns label on!!!

I have also enclosed a letter in the parcel saying what's a refund/exchange etc etc etc - although I do state item numbers & order numbers & customer number etc - & all have been processed fine

I haven't used the re-sizing thingy tho
Thanks Sacha. i haven't seen those SD bags - do you have to ask for these from behind the counter?

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