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Aug 9, 2008
South Coast in sunny Sussex
I requested something at 6pm, reminded Rachael twice - she said she'd nudge Carol - but it still didn't come on...I stayed there patiently until midnight! Some of you were there and know I kept reminding her...Carol said it wasn't in the studio...:11: We're always being asked to put in our requests - then a lot of unscheduled stuff comes on - wouldn't it be sensible to work through the requests first - at least there's more chance of them selling if somebody definitely wants them!

Carol said she'd make a list of outstanding requests for Steve in the morning, but that's no good because I can't be there until after 9pm now...I e-mailed Steve about it...awaiting results...
awww Jacky i'm sorry. It must seem like a wasted night sitting around waiting for nothing. I saw Carol sell something 'not in the studio' for someone else tonight so no reason why she couldn't yours.

I am sure they'll sort it out for you though cos they're the best there is CS wise.
They seem to have a rather random method of selecting what to auction. I didn't watch last night but before I have seen them selling items not in the studio , someone said on air that as long as it was in the catalog then we could request it. May be different presenters like to do it "their" way. Good luck for getting your piece soon.
There was something in the catalogue, so I requested it, and was told as there was only one left they wouldn't auction it!

The requests do seem a bit hit and miss - which shouldn't really be the case.

To be honest the requests I've had most success with seem to be when a certain person is on Live Help together with a certain person presenting - I can name them but I know a lot of you, from another thread, are a little sensitive about some presenters being singled out! :blush

Have requested when these two people are not working and I've been unsuccessful - then had to make quite a few visits to Live Help and it's still not happened.

I think a dedicated request facility would be a good idea on site - in which you could, say, give a two hour time slot on your chosen day for it to appear - as well as item number.
Think if this facility was mentioned enough it may just get rid of some people shouting in Chat for certain items - good idea/bad idea?
Great idea, Sara, IMO. I have used live chat as requested and have found that nothing much happens. If they want requests then a dedicated list might work!
I had the most success with a request on Sunday - I knew what I wanted and knew I needed it soon as Chris was coming back from work, and this was my last pre wedding splurge. Everyone badgered Steve on my behalf lol, he had to put it in quick for me :)

Maybe we should resort to pester power more frequently!
love the phrase tootsie

I had the most success with a request on Sunday - I knew what I wanted and knew I needed it soon as Chris was coming back from work, and this was my last pre wedding splurge. Everyone badgered Steve on my behalf lol, he had to put it in quick for me :)

Maybe we should resort to pester power more frequently!

:1:Tootsie... loving your phrase! "pester Power" rofl nice one......

Mirabelle xx
The suggestion of a requests hour was made to John weeks ago and he said it was being considered. Something has to be done for the requesters (is that a word) and to give the rest of us on chat peace from the anguished howling of unlucky punters. :32:
This has been my only real issue with rocks i have mentioned it in a few threads now and nothing changes its still a lottery if your request is put on .
Having said that i did manage to ask for a request yesterday afternoon it was quite quiet so i thought this is a good chance went into live help and it was put on within a very short time only the one in the game so I immediatly pressed buy as i knew it was the going price for that piece and you guessed it nothing happened i pressed again nowt!, it dropped another 2 quid and someone else snapped it up so i guess i was'nt meant to have it talk about frustrating AAAHHHH!!!
Hi all,

We're working on requests at the moment.

Phase 1 will launch this week which will let you pre-bid on items in the schedule. Phase 2 is a fully automated request which will mean that you can request we run something and let us know what price you are prepared to pay. If we decide to run it and it goes to that price or below, you will automatically be allocated one.

Phase 2 will take a little longer but will be here soon hopefully.

In the meantime, please put your requests in through live help. At the moment, not all of the new items that are on the website are in the studio, so this why we can't run them sometimes.

Hope that helps

I tried to request something on live help this afternoon but gave up as they were so busy nobody could respond to me.
Hi all,

Sara is right, we've got loads of people off sick or on holiday today (I've been having to make the coffees for Steve and the studio, we're that pushed!) so I apologise if the chat has been a bit slow.

Kind regards

John rang me this morning and said he'd add the ring to my order - hopefully to arrive tomorrow...Thanks John! Tony is off for a week too, he said, so they're short staffed...

Great idea to have a dedicated requests slot - but if someone wants something, why is there the proviso..."if we decide to run it..."? Or are there reasons we're not aware of maybe? Just wondering...Would help stop the endless waiting around though...Mind you, someone last night said they'd waited ages and bought loads of stuff in the meantime...
John, I appreciate what you say about some new items not being in the studio... but when you are listing catalogue items that have no photo, no description, not even the briefest one, and no link to a detail page on CR, I think that THAT is another, perhaps BIGGER, problem for you to address?
Lots of photos on the site are pretty ropey at best, so it isn't always possible to even tell which stone might be no title to an item is worse than useless even if it is scheduled.... no photo either is simply ludicrous!

Yes, it's a new venture; yes, you're all working very hard;.... now you're dropping sick like flies, it seems.... but the customers are having to plough through all these format changes and galloping gremlins..... I think it says a lot for us that we are hanging in there !

And....streaming on site is ghastly again....not a problem I have with any other streaming site.... expected delivery didn't arrive today..... can you tell I'm grumpy?!!??:31:
Sorry but I'm fed-up with people asking over & over & in capitals for requests in chat. I have made requests in chat but not repeatedly as some do.

A suggestion would be to have set hours the same each week when requests could be shown. Only requests asked for by e-mail or live chat would be considered & they would be able to tell you if the hour was full so you could request it for the next convenient hour.
.... expected delivery didn't arrive today..... can you tell I'm grumpy?!!??:31:[/QUOTE]

Mathida, my order didn't arrive either, i'm annoyed because nobody contacted me to tell me my order wouldn't arrive today, i had to contact them
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i have had varying success with the request system, i have tried both ways, i did as asked and requested through live help at just after 5 on the old timings and sat there until 10.30 and went off in a grump, asked again the next night and it still didnt come on only to find it on the schedule the next day. then the other day i asked steve in the chat and he put it on straight away - literally which was great but it does get annoying that you have done as asked and gone through live chat and the ones that get shown are ones via the chat,

im not sure about the new system working unless you get allocated a time slot because if the price you put in is not enough they just wont show it.

i feel bad complaining though as they have been very helpful to me but i suppose at the end of the day we are the customers, and as much as i try i cant stop watching! and buying!!!

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