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Jul 5, 2008
:13:I have recieved my rings back from Regency having been resized they have done a nice job of them
:2: but I see that two have come back with no hallmarkings on them one is a silver one so not to bothered but the other is a yellow gold ring much higher price range I E-mailed help and they said hallmarks are not automatically replaced so I could contact Regency myself and they will probably help. I do wish they would say something on the forms so that you could request it to be done at the same time as the resizing like Stanleys did it now means if they agree to redo it I have to send them again and presumably pay for this to be done. I dont know if having no hallmarks would effect the value of the ring if at some point you wanted to sell it or have it valued for insurance so just a warning to others if your having rings resized.
Without hallmarks it would be classed as metal. That's bound to affect the resale/insurance value isn't it? :6: How strange that they wouldn't automatically put back the hallmarks. :34:
thanks Calvin I forgot about that post
and that last year i had a black diamond from rocks that was'nt hallmarked i bought that one before it was an auction site it was just a normal selling site and was told rocks did'nt have there own hallmark then maybe I'll send that one back to, this is gods way of telling me i have to much bling lol
just a quick update I have spoken to Scott Stanley today and if I send the rings to him he will get them hallmarked at the assay office for me it will cost £5 per ring and I have to pay the postage both ways so it will be another £20 in total but I dont see i have a choice really I dont think I will be buying anymore rings from rocks to be honest but it may be a warning to others
I don't know if anyone remembers but I had 2 blue diamonds fall out of a pave set ring after having been resized - well I received it back today. They have replaced the diamond that was lost and it is looking lovely again.
Just checked if the hallmark was still there - it is vaguely there! I am pleased with my ring but the irony is, where I have lost a reasonable amount of weight it is now nearly too big!
After posting my thread earlier today i had a phone call from coloured rocks c.s to say they will pay for the rings to be rehallmarked me .I am so impressed with the level of c.s. I'd like to say a public thankyou to all at rocks and to scott stanley for his help and i will pack my rings up and post them off tomorrow.
I have to say thank you to Milly for posting this thread - being the total airhead that I seem to be - nothing stays in my brain for more than the time it needs to be.

It never occurred to me to check the hallmarks on the rings I have bad resized at Regency!!!! So, I've quickly had a look, and thankfully they are still there. Mind you, I would have thought that if they were being made larger, the hallmark should remain anyway, as they are supposed to be adding gold/silver to the ring. If they were being downsized, then I could possibly understand the hallmark being chopped out.

Anyway, I hope everything gets sorted for you Milly, and a big thumbs up to rockstv!! :rock:
I echo that thanks to milly dingbat - hadn't occured to me either. Am just beetling off to check ....:hi:
:thinking2: I think it depends where the hallmark was originally stamped on the band ,if its at the bottom ,its probably destoyed when its altered.But I have a lot that are ok because the hallmark was high up on the side of the band if that makes sense but its worth checking
I think rockstv and regency are going to get together so in the future this is sorted out at the time of resizing.
I had 2 rings at Regency which were returned today, one paraiba and one with emeralds, not very happy with either, they both have a dark mark on the inside where they have added the gold, the emerald ring it is very rough on the site also, that one still has the hallmark but the paraiba has no hallmark :sad:
I will be e.mailing them. All other rings to date that have been re-sized, I have been fairly pleased with.

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