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Ahhh Still18, bless u! Elbows can be complex fractures & must have been extremely painful & worrying to have that and a wrist fracture too! Get better very soon & I'm pleased you got your RCM set this time round. Makes me laugh, so many times over the years I've bought stuff from Q, (not nearly so much in recent times) & when the items turned up I thought why the feck did I duy that?! :confused:Then when it's something I would have really found useful & a great buy I pondered & didn't buy it. I've been waiting for this TSV since I regretted not getting the last one so got mine as soon as it came on air at midnite x.
The colours seem back to front on the website. You click on the dark colours and they come up as French. Has anyone else found this?

I ordered the bold/beautiful set: I've just phoned them and they've told me my order is for the other one. They're now looking into this!!!!

Thanks for letting us know, Gem Genie; I'd have been spitting tacks if I had to send it back because of their mistake,
The colours seem back to front on the website. You click on the dark colours and they come up as French. Has anyone else found this?

They've changed the pictures round on the site!
When I ordered earlier today the little picture squares were the opposite way round.
Perhaps this happened when they went onto advanced orders? I know it was right this morning when I ordered as I very carefully checked my order when I placed it having previously made a mistake on ordering the wrong variant on a Yankee Candle order.
Graham has removed the Like and dislike buttons. Apparently these buttons have been causing dissent in the ranks.
I ordered at 12.20 am the bold colours - just rang and was told I was getting the French manicure... the words piss up and brewery come to mind!!!
I called there to check my order I wanted bold colours but sending me out French no happy :( now had put bold on wait list not due till April
As the other thread has said, ALL the orders are back to front. I'm definitely getting the French when ordered the Bold. According to the other thread if you check your order online you can tell which set you are getting by the letters after the item number. So 400344 XTL is Bold 400344 XTM is French. I don't want to go on wait list and all the faff about returning them so I will quite happily pay the postage to swap the 3 wrong colours, not the whole kit, with someone who has the Bold and wants the French.
Both choices are available on advanced order - delivery w/c 11th March - if you did still want it. I have waited ever since Red Carpet Manicure first came to QVC, because I had concerns about ruining my nails. But, 2 things have persuaded me to try it this time round: One was after 3 accidents within the last 7 months, two of which resulted in broken bones (shoulder first time, at present I have a broken wrist and elbow on the same arm), my hair and nails are going through a very poor time and I am hoping that this will make my nails stronger. Two has been reading all the comments on this site about the system. I learn a lot from you guys. Anyhow, I went for the brights last night and can't wait to try them.

Ouch!! Wishing you swift and painfree healing!!

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