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Jun 24, 2008
I was just wondering if any or many of you viewed the weekend Red Andesine specials with Adina?

Some pieces came from the Congo and the others from Tibet, with a range of prices as well.
The lowest was probably this one at £49 to this biggie at £177.

A couple of others for you in case you missed them.......


Apparently they have been quite difficult to source and are 'collectors' stones and she even compared their rarity to Russian Alexandrite which is no longer available. Not quite a fair comparison I thought, as R Alex is held in very high esteem in the gem world.

Anyways, I snatched this one first for £99 and later on this one, quite different style of ring, for £20 more.

Both look much better on the TV and in a 3-D view (why don't the video links work any more?)

So folks, opinions please........which one should be dumped and what do you think of this stone in general?


NB I hope all the links work! :mysmilie_738.gif:
I love my andesine!!!
It's this one:


It's just a teeny one, but it's so red!!!
Of the two you've snatched, I definitely prefer the octagon (it's very similar to my ceylon sapphire - but bigger!!!).

Go for it, you won't regret it!!!
Yummy, yummy, yummy, yum. I like them both Sacha, get 'em and see which one tickles your fancy. I have a piece of red andesine and it's luvverly. Quite a collection you're getting there now Lady. :D

Loving yours too Anne! ;)

Anybody noticed if the Tibetan stuff is dearer, cheaper or about the same?
Never see it myself but it looks lovely on tv.

Of the two I prefer the 2nd one,it seems a more opulent setting which I think the richness of the gem deserves(if that makes sense!!):)

Both are lovely, great red colour, I prefer the first one (Octagon) but it is down to personal taste in the end. Let us know which one you keep!:D
they are both lovely pieces, id be tempted to get both and see what they were like irl, but the octagon cut is very pretty and unusual, good luck choosing :)
Beautiful stones, especially the octagonal - yummy! Congratulations to all of you who have one. I have not bought one yet but I think I will. As always, they hype up the rarity etc.... I believe that this Andesine is a treated Feldspar, labradorite. I try not to pay much attention to the big fussadoodle (word of the week here) on the channel. If I like it and I can afford it - I have it and if I don't or am broke, I leave it. This stone, treated or not is so pretty. One reason I have not bought it yet is that it is not very hard on mohs scale. Anybody damaged theirs at all? I am only a ballerina in a parallel existance, in real life I am more of a Dawn French shape. I am not just big but clumsy too, so not sure how long it would last on my finger :D
I love love the octagon cut ring. it's a beautiful coloured stone. I've been stalking some on ebay.

let us know which you decide to keep. would love to see a photo of whichever one you pick.

Anne's ring may be smaller, but it's stunning. A gemstone with purrsonality, that's for sure lol.
Both lovely, Sacha. I would normally go straight for the octagon, because it's a cut I really like, but there's something rather special about the second one as well, so .... I'm no help at all!
With thanks.......

Many thanks guy and gals for your valued input. The Octagon seems to be the favoured one to date, though I am still slightly undecided. Think I shall take another look at the Sky+ recordings I made as the 'undercarriage' and 3-D aspect of both rings is more visible, tho' I have now found the round one in the new Gems shop under Red Andesine and it has a video link.

Did a little bit of investigating on this Andesine / Sunstone gem and here's a couple of links that may possibly be of interest
to some of you.

Some nice pics on the slideshow.

Apologies to those I haven't thanked personally, but my button hasn't reappeared today. :mysmilie_691.gif:

Hi Sacha
.... sorry hun, missed seeing this thread

I bought this Red Andersine ring on Sunday & it arrived yesterday.
Gorgeous gemstone Sach
.... you have to get one.

I don't normally do red but you have to have at least one don't you?
and this is the one I'd choose .... failing a Tanzanian Ruby of course

(another example of shop prices £134 ... I payed £99)

This is a rubbish photo & does not do the ring justice at all
but it's the only I took as sadly I had to return it.

I could not fault the gem, a stunning colour with loads of bright red flashes coming through


It was just the design that wasn't suitable. The thickness of the shoulders
runs quite low down the shank & if I'd had it made smaller it would not have
sat comfortably at all, so back it went unfortunately ....
... posted at 4pm yesterday afternoon & my refund had been processed by 4pm today!
Well done GEMS!!
.... CS is on the ball!

That was the Congo Red Andersine & they only have 1 other design in white gold
but too a large a stone for me .... so I now have the Tibetan on the way
.... would have been nice to have compared them side by side really to see how the reds vary?

another great example of shop price mark-ups ... I payed £69

Sorry Sacha, ... I'm a little late too!! :eek:

Haven't got any Andesine yet but have been very tempted
.. just waiting for the right design in yellow gold and at the right price!! ;)

Both designs you've chosen are lovely but in completely different ways so
an almost impossible choice.

If I had to choose, I think it would be the octagon cut for me!!

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