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Jun 24, 2008
On the phone/not the web!
Mix and match, only £120 if you go for the two and remember, the choice is yours! but be quick :hi:



Which one/s are you gonna go for?
So IW have almost got the monopoly on frumpy clothes with our Reny defecting from QVC! I've got nothing against "granny fashion", but what makes me larf, is when they're trying to sell it as "high fashion", and with this range in particular charge "high fashion" prices. It's a pity they don't draft in some old ladies to model some of the clothes, 'cause I doubt if even the middle aged models they use would seriously consider wearing any of the stuff they model outside the studio. I hope nobody thinks that I'm saying that older people don't have style, that's not what I think at all, but I know my old nan did love her crimpelene!
I miss read the title of the thread as ready for brenny and wondered what the hell Id been up to .!
I just made the mistake of looking at her ACTUAL website - and it's full of very spooky mannekins, standing outdoors in polyester

It would appear that she doesnt save the best for Ideal World......:thinking2:
Hmmmm...Guilty conscience at work there! Well what have you been up to brenny? :cheeky:[/QUOTE

That woould be telling PP , But its better than designing overpriced polyester tat ! But thats enough about my career designing kaftans for Mrs J
Just who do IW think would wear this awful, overpriced stuff - they must be 'aving a larf!

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