Rant: Fed up of clicking onto products with no pictures or descriptions


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Jul 9, 2008
Why do QVC have such a problem posting pictures & descriptions?

It drives me nuts.

Rant over

Thanks Snoopy
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I hate it when you want to watch a video Presentation and it dont work.
It makes me cross too, in this day and age with digital cameras.
The video links are taken off clearance products because the price on screen is wrong (I assume) but surely they could just blank it out - but then maybe the sound will give the incorrect price aswell.....but these are the very products that I want to see... :(
qvc site

qvc need to wake up and have a look at the other sites in its company . qvc usa + qvc germany have much better videos and its good with fashion if you can view the items in different colours on models etc. it kills me to say this but it is one of the things that IW have done on their new site , it makes a difference + they are much better with their size charts . i some times think that qvc cant be bothered with sizing and that customers should be thankful if they can be bothered to read off a blue card .:mad::mad::mad:

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