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not even sure its the dilutions, cheap polyester carpet (effectively stain resistant from the off) sprayed to high heaven with scotch guard is my bet, I doubt blue magic is much different to washing up liquid.

Similarly the carpet cleaner machine demo, shove a can of coke/guiness (my bet is something dark and not dried has been soaked in ahead of a demo) on a scotch guard protected polyester carpet = no chance for it to stick.. The way it cleans is unreal, and it is unreal as I do have the exact same model of rug doctor and not a chance it cleans an old foot-fall soiled carpet like that.

Boz eyed shyster Si - another shopping channel muppet :poop:
Selly telly 'dirt' ;)
Where do Shaun, Sean, Den and Hayley end up now
It wouldn't surprise me if they all end up back on IW mk3. As we've said, they can justify it in their own minds (if not to viewers) by saying they're going to an IW that has little to do with its predecessor bar the name.

You would think Den would take the opportunity to retire but even there it wouldn't surprise me to see her pop back up on IW mk3.

Having seen that mockery of a travesty of a sham of a show trial version of Ideal World, I can announce now that my winner of Shopping Stars in Their Eyes (and tonight, Matthew, I’m going to be Ideal World) is Shop Extra. It has the feel of the old channel. The albeit shoebox look of it. And of course, Peter Van Faileditzmotee…Mr. Expert (Not) from the Ideal World Experts Dressing Up Box. Depending on what they are selling, I can actually watch an evening of this channel, and not feel it’s too corrupted from the old new old new old Ideal World. Whilst the real new old new old new Ideal World appears like some sinister IW doppelhanger from an evil alternative duplicated universe.
That man Peter has played a doctor in the soap doctors and a cop on the soap the Bill
Do you mean Blue Magic? If so, don't bother. Absolutely useless at the dilutions on the bottle (the dilutions they bang on about on the telly). Worst Selly Telly purchase I've ever made. I swear it makes water LESS effective at cleaning.

Funnily enough, I've seen people repeatedly ask Simon Iles (yes, his surname is an anagram of Lies, how apt) on social media about the dilutions he uses for some of his oven cleaning demos since they've been unable replicate it at home and, surprise, he NEVER replies.

Cos it's probably about 2/3 of a bottle - making it worse value than other cleaners.
No I was meaning the Black Paint rust converter. You know the one they show everything looking 'cast iron'? My oven is a metallic grey colour but water has caused the top edges to rust. so I was going to lightly sand it and paint that stuff around the top edge. But I forgot about the Blue Magic cleaner which I might also use for inside the oven. My plan is to paint my oven and buy an air fryer
Where do Shaun, Sean, Den and Hayley end up now
I thought Shaun was obsessed with telling us how many years he's been working at Ideal World (as in he was an original member of the presenting team). I would have thought he would be jumping at the chance to return. But my understanding is that he turned down the chance to go back because the studios have relocated to London. Very strange that they just killed off Shop Extra in the run up to Christmas like that. More so because there was no warning about it.
Excited for Swan & Edgar tonight! Hope there are some free cufflinks (they're worth £70 on their own). I hear some clever people buy the watches and sell the cufflinks on eBay to offset the cost of the watch. Smart people!

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It’s not often you read the words ‘luxury’ and ‘chrome plated’ in a sentence 😂
Oooh, a Tourbillion!

“Because it’s Swan and Edgar the design is totally sublime”, says the horological expert.

He says when you have a Tourbillion you’ve taken a right turn, you’ve taken your seat in first class, and someone’s handing you a glass of champagne.

You mightn’t get a lot of sleep, though.
Some of those Chinese tourbillons have a mighty loud tick. Honestly. I was working on one last week and even I could hear it ticking from across the office - must’ve been 4m away!
I’m obviously thick but as a novice/total beginner metal crafter before I thought about spending 700 quid on a new toy wouldn’t it be a good idea to tell me what metal I need and where I can find it so I can actually use the darn thing when it arrives
or did I miss that bit
It’s such a random item for a shopping channel to be selling, isn’t it? It’s like turning on to find them selling an industrial car crusher. Or a single artichoke. Or…
I think I need to dial down the meds… reality is getting too weird !😂😂
Just been scrolling back through the YT feed and found the guy that used to do IW collectibles (mainly with Rob Locke) on Shop Extra with Genevieve. They're flogging a limited edition framed Beatles thing for £153 plus p&p. What you're essentially getting is this:

The frame
A picture of the Beatles
Let It Be CD cover
Let It Be CD
A printed label at the bottom saying 'limited edition' blah blah blah

All yours for over £150. I wonder what the true value is? Of course he then goes into a conversation with Gen saying how much Beatles memorabilia has gone up in value. Their signatures selling for thousands upon thousands etc. Gen saying 'oh yeah, folk want that stuff!'

All done to draw the viewer in of course, referring to high ticket price items.

However what they're NOT saying is what you're essentially forking out £150 for is a (non signed) photo and a CD!!!
It’s like the gold discs they used to sell. None of them were the gold discs presented to groups, producers, managers etc. for hitting sales of a million etc. They were, quite literally records sprayed gold, or pressed in brass. Valueless other than the cost of the materials- ten or twenty quid at most.
Listen to Kev at 4.30, and as he says he's been in the business for 35 years (7 years ago), for someone in the watch business for 42 years he's learned very little. When he was selling the CX Swiss Military 20,000 Diver, one of his selling points was it was a Chronometer with COSC certification, something he'd never come across before in all his years in the business :unsure:, he then began a speel on the process the watches go though at COSC, holding the certificate to show the different stages, his speel was utter bullshit, party because he didn't understand what the results table in the certificate was showing and mostly because he doesn't know the process that COSC actually perform at their labs. :eek:

Kev's obviously never used a Weishi 1000 Timegrapher. (referring to the 4.30)

Kev just repeats stuff he's heard whether it's correct or complete bullshit.

If it's illegal to sell in any country outwith UK and USA, then how the hell are Traser selling it themselves in Australia? And as Ronzy says i've posted links from other countries in the past as well.

Because Tritium is a radioactive isotope, then obviously you can't just sell it willy nilly, and therefore subject to a country's regulations before it can be imported, as Traser's main markets have been the UK & USA (due to winning a US army contract years ago making them popular) then the necessary regulations/ licences are in place for the importation of T100 Tritium watches to these two countries. As Traser's popularity has increased over the years then distributors in other countries have obtained the necessary licence needed to import said watches into the country they wish to sell in.
ETA offered the Valjoux in Chronometer grade with COSC (both 7750 and 7751) for years. I’ve got an Eterna 1949 with a Valjoux 7751 with a COSC certificate- had it for 20 years or so.
Like you say, Hammy, he knows very little indeed about watches. If he really has been around the industry for 40 years I can only assume it was in a purely pile-em-high sales capacity.
It was always gravy browning sprayed onto the carpets for the ‘old’ look. Same with the kitchen demos for blue magic. Smeared everywhere which is then really easy to clean off.
David Ades used to do a similar thing with his No-Wet Wonder foam.
I always thought it was strange, because he needn’t have bothered- it wasn’t a bad product - just not the miracle cleaner he wanted you to think it was.

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